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Pokemon News Issue #130

  Oh boy its a Pokemon News! And its me, Viger, bringing it straight to you. Also, good lord do we have a lot to report on in this issue. I’ll do my best to cover all the bases, but without further ado, let’s just get right into it.   First up, we have the […]

Pokemon News Issue #129

  Welcome back to another exciting issue of Pokemon News. Welp, CoroCoro leaked, and then the Pokemon Company followed up with an official trailer showcasing the CoroCoro leak, so let’s get right into it.   The main focus of the trailer showcased two new Z Moves as well as an overhauled Rotom Dex. So first […]

Pokemon News Issue #128

Once more, we have an exciting issue of Pokemon News this week. We’re getting ever more closer to USUM’s release and we got a nice chunk of new gameplay to examine from USUM. So let’s get right into it.   A brand new trailer for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon dropped yesterday and showcased a […]

The Fluff: Starstruck, Or, An Ode To Minior

Hello, my dearest PUCLonians, and welcome to a particularly starry-eyed edition of The Fluff! Today, my subject will be a single (but most singular) Pokémon: the star of Alola, if not, sadly, of Sun and Moon… Minior! A Rainbow of Stars It is unusual for me to dedicate an entire article to a single Pokémon, […]

Pokemon News Issue #127

This is quite the blessing in disguise if I do say so myself. Originally I didn’t think that I would have enough to work with this week, so I was gonna skip it and hope something later on next week is revealed. But guess what? Something got revealed today, so I now have enough to […]

Pokemon News Issue #126

  Wow……Alright. My bad guys. I can’t believe that I missed this one’s deadline and am now just finding out about it. Either way….   Welcome back to a special issue of Pokemon News. We’ve quite a lot of stuff to talk about thanks to the recent Nintendo Direct. So let’s get right into it. […]

S01E63 Pokemon Catch-Up: “The Battle of the Badge”

Hello and welcome to the one and only Pokemon Catch-up! Today, we’re diving into the Pokemon Fast Track Viewing List, as always. We are slowly nearing the end of the season and the end of Ash’s journey across Kanto. In the last episode that we covered, Ash obtained his 7th badge from Blaine and headed straight […]

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