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S01E77 Pokemon Catch-Up: “The Fourth Round Rumble”

Closing on the preliminary rounds, we’re almost caught up with season 1 of Pokemon. Hello and welcome to Pokemon Catch-Up! The premier blog post series following Ash’s journey through only the most important episodes as per the Pokemon Fast Track Viewing List. Today’s Episode: Season 1 (Indigo League), Episode 77: “The Fourth Round Rumble” Synopsis […]

S01E76 Pokemon Catch-Up: “Fire And Ice”

Well hello there! Welcome to Pokemon Catch-Up, an article series based on a curated list of Pokemon episodes and their overviews. Can you hear the stadium cheering? Because I can as I review today’s episode where Ash faces off against yet another opponent in the Pokemon League. In the last episode, Ash’s Krabby evolved into […]

Pokemon News Issue #136

  Welcome back to Pokemon News. Kind of a short issue this week, but this news lasts the entire year. So there’s that! Let’s get into it.   Another massive distribution event is to start next month. Dubbed “The Year of Legendary Pokemon”, multiple legendary Pokemon will be distributed across the year from February to […]

S01E75 Pokemon Catch-Up: “Round One”

Hello and welcome back to Pokemon Catch-Up, a curated list of Pokemon episodes and their overviews. As we near the end of season 1, Ash joins the Pokemon League and due to the list’s rules, we get to watch every fight Ash participates in. Will Ash win this one? Will it be a struggle or […]

Pokemon News Issue #135

  Welcome back to Pokemon News! After quite a long hiatus since USUM’s launch, we’re back with some important news to discuss. Since my absence, it seems not much has changed; the anime podcast hasn’t occurred, Scron has seized control form Thatch yet, everything seem to be ok. So without further ado, let’s get into […]

S01E74 Pokemon Catch-Up: “All Fired Up!”

Finally back to the Pokemon Fast Track Viewing List, today, we will continue on Ash’s journey to becoming a Pokemon Master. Ash had so far collected all eight badges and has faced a good deal of adversity. So what’s next for our hero? The Indigo League of course! Today, we’re straying a bit from the […]

Pokemon News Issue #134

  And welcome to the newest issue of Pokemon News. Now that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are out in full force, one would think there wouldn’t be enough news to talk about, but you would be wrong. So….so….wrong. Let’s get into it.   First up, we’ve got a pretty big update to Pokemon […]

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