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In the Meta: Electivire

It’s that special time at PUCL again where the staff gets to annoy our benevolent founder with ample “Happy Birthdays” and merry cheer. Other than sending Thatch a picture of Napoleon Dynamite, I shall honor his creation of such a fantastic Pokemon-themed community by analyzing the singles viability of another one of Thatch’s favorite Pokemon, […]

In the Meta: Shuckle

The Mold Pokemon. You can’t get much cooler than being the Mold Pokemon, am I right? Well, that’s exactly what PUCL’s focus this week is with our dear yellow friend Shuckle. This antisocial little fellow spends most of its life hiding under rocks, but it also expresses a fond interest in drinking the juices of […]

In the Meta: Meganium (Also Bayleef)

With both Typhlosion and Feraligatr getting their fancy new hidden abilities in Flash Fire and Sheer Force, some may be forced to wonder if using Meganium is even a remote possibility anymore. The answer is yes. Meganium and its pre-evolution, Bayleef, are both incredibly overlooked Pokemon. With their biggest downfall being their awful defensive typing, […]

In the Meta: Staraptor

With a dapper haircut and an ego to back it up, Staraptor is soaring into PUCL’s spotlight this week. Frankly, as far as strategy goes, Staraptor’s options are pretty clear-cut. Basically, you’re are going to charge into your opponent at full power or speed and hope that they don’t get a chance to retaliate. Fortunately, […]

In the Meta: Serperior

Are you the type of Pokemon trainer who just keeps all your PP Ups and Maxes in your bag without really understanding when using them would every really pay off? Well if you are, then prepare to finally have a use for them because Serperior is slithering to town with some tricks up its… ummmm… […]

In the Meta: Marowak

With a wrathful disposition and a determination for revenge, basically the same as someone who just got rickrolled, Marowak has returned to PUCL again to be the center of attention. Unfortunately, this angry bone lizard doesn’t reach as far into the competitive battling field as it does into our hearts. On the plus side, it […]

In the Meta: Heracross

Scuttling into PUCL’s headlights this week is the honey-loving rhinoceros beetle known as Heracross. With a giant horn and a will to use it, this Bug / Fighting can certainly pack a punch. Albeit, it was significantly more popular in 3rd Generation due to its nearly unparalleled Attack stat; however, it has gained attributes to […]

In the Meta: You (Prediction Theory)

  When I think of competitive battling, two things come to mind immediately. The first is teambuilding. I mean, you aren’t going to go very far in the Pokemon world with five Bonsly and a Cleffa if you know what I mean. If you’re looking for information on team building, check out our records of […]

In the Meta: Weavile

Stealing its way into the PUCL spotlight is the ever elusive egg stealer known as Weavile. Although rarely seen nowadays in Over Used, this little thief still seems to steal the hearts of some fervent battlers. With a great Attack and Speed stat, it’s no surprise that this Pokemon has managed to hang on the […]

In the Meta: Ambipom

Swinging its way into the PUCL spotlight this week is the one, the only, the monkey with two swollen tail hands and an awkward haircut, it’s Ambipom! This purple little disaster is just waiting to mess up your day with high-fives that are just a bit too hard, denials of stealing your held item, and […]

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