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This Week in Pokemon History (May 2010 to 2015)

Holy geez guys, I’m so sorry. Lot’s of things happened to me in the past couple of weeks that all prevented me from writing anything. First, my laptop fired its own motherboard to a crisp, forcing me to get a new computer to write anything. Then, when I finally got a new computer, shortly after […]

Pokemon News Issue #116

Holy crap! I’ve finally got some news to talk about!   Anyway, welcome to the newest issue of Pokemon News. It was gonna happen sooner or later, and its about time that some Pokemon related news finally drop. So without further ado, let’s get into it!   What better way to start off than the […]

This Week in Pokemon History (April 2010- 2013)

And I’m back to my regularly scheduled upload time. Its me, Viger, and this time around, we’ve got a new month and new history to cover. So without further ado, let’s dive right in. 2010 April 10 – On this day in Pokemon History, the world got its first CoroCoro sponsored look at the next […]

This Week in Pokemon History (2014 to 2016)

Had a late evening yesterday from work and literally passed out as soon as I got into my room. That explains why this article is going up a tad later than usual. Anyway, its Viger, and once again, I don’t have enough news to cover this week, aside from shiny Pokemon being available in Pokemon […]

This Month in Pokemon History (2011 to 2013)

Welcome to another something new here on PUCL. Who would have thought that trying to report on Nintendo news right after a new console launch would be very difficult. But Professor Snag reminded me that there was something else I could do to fill the space until more news comes to light. (Or until my […]

Nintendo News Issue #1 (One Week of Switch)

Welcome to the first issue of Nintendo News here on PUCL. Like I had said before, this was going to be a thing if I didn’t have anything to talk about when it comes to Pokemon. And now that the Nintendo Switch has been out for a week, we can talk about this new console […]

Pokemon News Issue #115

  Welcome to another issue of Pokemon News. Just a brief update before we get into it, I’m doing a bit of overhaul for Pokemon News. On weeks where news about Pokemon is dry and nothing is there to report on, I will publish a issue of my new series “Nintendo News”, where I will […]

Pokemon News Issue #114

  Welcome back to Pokemon News here on PUCL. Got a few things to talk about that are actually pretty big this week, so let’s get right to it.   First a foremost, the newest expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game has been released and available for purchase. This set introduces the new GX […]

Pokemon News Issue #113

  Welcome to the newest issue of Pokemon News. We have a couple of surprises to discuss here today, so let’s dive right in.   For those that haven’t seen PUCL’s official Facebook post on the subject, Pokemon Bank is offically out and ready for use in Pokemon Sun and Moon. This will require an […]

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