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S01E32 Pokemon Catch-Up: “The Ninja Poké-Showdown”

Every two weeks, I explore a new episode of Pokemon using the Fast Track Viewing List. This week, Pokemon Catch-Up is covering yet another big gym battle for Ash. Will he win his 6th badge? We’ll see! Today’s episode: Season 1 (Indigo League), Episode 32: “The Ninja Poké-Showdown” Synopsis We open to Ash and his […]

S01E30 Pokemon Catch-Up: “Sparks Fly For Magnemite”

Welcome to Pokemon Catch-Up! Every two weeks, I watch an episode from the Fast Track Viewing List, summarize it, and get you caught up with me. Last time, we got to say goodbye to Primeape after being on the show for only a handful of episodes. Today we get to welcome a brand-new Pokemo into […]

S01E29 Pokemon Catch-Up: “The Punchy Pokémon”

Hold on there, partner! You’ve just opened up a Pokemon Catch-Up article and you’re in a for a ride. As always, in Pokemon Catch-Up, we cover only the most interesting and important Pokemon Anime episodes as prescribed by the Fast Track Viewing List. Today’s episode: Season 1 (Indigo League), Episode 29: “The Punchy Pokémon” Synopsis […]

S01E26 Pokemon Catch-Up: “Pokemon Scent-Sation!”

Hello there again and welcome back to Pokemon Catch-Up where I summarize an episode from the Fast Track Viewing List every two weeks. Whether you’re here for nostalgia or to truly catch up, I hope you enjoy today’s episode where Ash finally makes it to Celadon City. As always, let me remind you that the […]

S01E25 Pokemon Catch-Up – “Primeape Goes Bananas”

It’s time for another episode of Pokemon Catch-Up! As always, we’re using the Fast Track Viewing List to chug through only the most important episodes of Pokemon and get back up to speed with the current anime. While we are a long ways away, I feel like there has already been a pay off. With […]

S01E24 Pokemon Catch-Up – “Haunter Versus Kadabra”

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome back to Pokemon Catch-Up. We’ve got quite an episode on our hands today! But before we get into that, if this is your first time reading through Pokemon Catch-Up, this is a series of anime synopsis following along the Fast Track Viewing List. It’s a list of episodes that are important […]

S01E20 Pokemon Catch-Up – “Bye Bye Butterfree”

Well, well, well. We see each other again. Haven’t had enough of Pokemon Catch-up yet? Good! As always, this is a post series that helps you get back on track with the Pokemon anime. Using the Pokemon Fast Track Viewing List, we breeze through the seasons as far as a Scissor. Before we get into […]

S01E16 Pokemon Catch-Up – “Pokemon Shipwreck”

Hello, hello, Puclonians! Welcome (back?) to Pokemon Catch-up. Today, we’re taking a quick break from the Pokemon Fast Track Viewing List, a succinct list of only the most-important-ever Pokemon episodes that gets you from zero to current with the Pokemon Anime. Unlike the other episodes in the Catch-Up series, this episode did not make it […]

S01E15 Pokemon Catch-Up – “Battle Aboard the St. Anne”

Well, hello there, PUCL people! Today, we’ll be taking yet another plunge into the Pokemon Fast Track Viewing List, a shortlist of only the most important Pokemon episodes made by a reddit user some years back. Last time, Ash battled Lt. Surge and Pikachu deafeated Raichu in an epic showdown. In today’s episode, we venture […]

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