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Pokemon of the Week #43 – Hydreigon

Welcome delicious PUCLonians to your destructio…I mean Pokemon of the Week. This week we will be investigating the trail of chaos left behind by the brutal Hydreigon. I wanted to make the intro a bickering conversation between the three heads but that will have to wait until Dodrio is our subject because the Pokedex has […]

Pokemon of the Week #42 – Snorlax

Zzzzz…Zzzzz…Zzzzz…oh hello there…welcome to ah *yawn* another Pokemon of … … … the Week. Sorry I have been studying Snorlax in his natural environment and *yawn* some oh his past times have rubbed off on me. Eating, sleeping, yawning, sleeping. You have to try this sometime, bring a Snorlax along with you, their Thick Fat […]

Pokemon of the Week #41 – Samurott

Hello PUCL, welcome to Pokemon of the Week #41. This is a samurai double header with Kartana earlier and now Samurott, the samurai otter. There is another reason this is a special PotW, Samurott is part of the evolution line of our dear friend Uncle Oshawott, who knows maybe one day he will level up […]

Pokemon of the Week #40 – Kartana

Let’s see here scribble scribble scribble, welcome to Pokemon of the Week scribble scri-owowowowow, urrrrrrrgh a paper cut these things are the worst. You know what’s not the worst, this week’s Pokemon, Kartana! This origami samurai may have the grace of a paper swan but it will still cut you like a hot knife. I’m […]

Pokemon of the Week #39 – Seismotoad

Woaahhh….Woaahhhh…Seismitoooaaadd stop making the ground viibbrraaattte. Welcome back to Pokemon of the Week where we will be looking into Seismitoad, possibly my least favourite Pokemon personally, thanks Thatch! In all honesty it is good to have a mix of Pokemon you like and those you don’t, because while the former is fun, the latter helps […]

Pokemon of the Week #38 – Mimikyu

Welcome to Pokemon of the Week, this episode we are interviewing Pikachu, a crowd favourite. Pikachu how does it feel to be here “Mim-Mimikyu”….wait a minute are you really a Pikachu, what’s under that sheet…AHHHHHH ITS TERRIFYING HELP HELP SECURITY. “Mimikyu :(“. Mimikyu is the actual Pokemon of the Week and I think that was […]

Pokemon of the Week #37 – Gengar

The rain goes drop, your feet go flop, but you can’t hear, what you should fear, a toxic shadow, lurking below, Gengar. This week we have my favourite Generation 1 Pokemon and still one of my favourites to this day! What a great Pokemon to return to after missing a week. I have mentioned before that […]

Pokemon of the Week #37 – Kingdra

Welcome to the PUCL aquarium, I am your guide SumtimesIFly! This exhibit features the adorable Horsea and its evolutions, Seadra, and Kingdra. Now, I will have to ask that you don’t make any sudden loud *AAACHOOOOOO* uh oh. I appear to have startled that poor Horsea with my sneeze and I’m afraid the ink cloud […]

Pokemon of the Week #36 – Alakazam

Welcome back PUCL to another Pokemon of the Week. This week we will be testing the greatest intelligence ever seen in the Pokemon world, Alakazam. The classic Red and Blue powerhouse, it has been around since the start and its mind has only been expanding since then. Yet to be surpassed by human or Pokemon […]

Pokemon of the Week #35 – Minior

Have you ever made a wish on a shooting star. On a quiet night looking up at the sky and upon seeing that streak of light whispered “I wish…I wish for another Pokemon of the Week article”. Well I am here to tell you that wish has been granted as we take a look at […]

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