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Pokemon of the Week #37 – Kingdra

Welcome to the PUCL aquarium, I am your guide SumtimesIFly! This exhibit features the adorable Horsea and its evolutions, Seadra, and Kingdra. Now, I will have to ask that you don’t make any sudden loud *AAACHOOOOOO* uh oh. I appear to have startled that poor Horsea with my sneeze and I’m afraid the ink cloud […]

Pokemon of the Week #36 – Alakazam

Welcome back PUCL to another Pokemon of the Week. This week we will be testing the greatest intelligence ever seen in the Pokemon world, Alakazam. The classic Red and Blue powerhouse, it has been around since the start and its mind has only been expanding since then. Yet to be surpassed by human or Pokemon […]

Pokemon of the Week #35 – Minior

Have you ever made a wish on a shooting star. On a quiet night looking up at the sky and upon seeing that streak of light whispered “I wish…I wish for another Pokemon of the Week article”. Well I am here to tell you that wish has been granted as we take a look at […]

Pokemon of the Week #34 – Arcanine

Here Growly, what is it boy? You found something? You found a Pokemon of the Week? Good boy! That’s right this week we are looking into Arcanine and his little sibling Growlithe. This legendary dog has been a favourite Pokemon for many since the very first days of Generation 1 so I hope we can […]

Pokemon of the Week #33 – Flygon

Welcome PUCL, today we investigate one of the rarest sights in all of Pokemon, a Hoenn native that is not a Water type, Flygon! I know on the podcast Thatch mentioned that he couldn’t see why Flygon got so much love when it doesn’t quite measure up to its Dragon type brothers, but he also somehow […]

Pokemon of the Week #32 – Infernape

In the blue corner we have the leader of PUCL, his thumbs are strong from years of controlling his bike around the battle resort, its THATCH! And in the red corner, we have the fiery menace from Sinnoh, his fists hardened in the forges of the very earth under Stark Mountain, Infernape. I will spare you the […]

Pokemon of the Week #31 – Alolan Ninetales

Hello PUCL, is anyone else feeling particularly chilly today? The weather report said there was a Snow Warning but with a chance of a Pokemon taking the world by storm (it actually turned out to be true here in Canada because it snowed yesterday). That’s right it is Alolan Ninetales! This Pokemon is cold as ice […]

Pokemon of the Week #30 – Buzzwole

This just in PUCLonians, breaking news informs us that the Ultra Beast Buzzwole does not learn the move Fire Punch. Coincidentally, Buzzwole is also our Pokemon of the Week and I think it is past due we got a chance analyze one of our other-worldy Ultra Beast friends. Buzzwole is famous from his promotional material […]

Pokemon of the Week #29 – Rapidash

Its off to the races this week PUCL as we take a look at the fiery Rapidash. Rapidash is most well known for its appearance in the 33rd episode of the anime, “The Flame Pokemon-athon”, which is a surprisingly catchy episode title. This episode contains a menagerie of Pokemon you would think of as racers, such […]

Pokemon of the Week #28 – Nidoking

Here ye, here ye PUCL, here comes the Nidoking. On this Pokemon of the Week we are taking a look at a favourite of Thatch’s, Nidoking. When I was a child, I thought Nidoking was the coolest looking Pokemon in Generation 1, and years later I still think it has a great design. The design […]

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