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The Fluff: The Shiniest Shinies in Alola

Hello, my dear PUCLonians! How have you been? This article is brought to you by Thatch, and what I mean by that is that I was inspired to write this by something he said as we were recording yesterday. He noticed that Gen VII shinies seem to be more well thought-out than most of the […]

The Fluff: Happy Easter!

Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and a very happy Easter to all those of you who celebrate it! On this happy holiday that modernity has translated to bunnies and (chocolate, for me) eggs, I thad originally wanted to put together an Easter-themed team… only to belatedly realize that Game freak has yet to release a Mega […]

The Fluff: A U.U.T.C. Retrospective

Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome back, finally, to The Fluff! I apologize for making my schedule fuzzy rather than fluffy, and skipping a week. Real life and all that. I have now been out of the UUTC for a while; in fact, I believe we are all just waiting to see who, among SentientPokéBall […]

The Fluff: Themed Teams, Take Three (And Four)

Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome once again to The Fluff! The UUTC retrospective will have to wait once more, as I am still in that (and a hearty “what?” was had by all, except maybe Scron and The British Gent, who believe in the unbelievable). But last month ItzTurtlez was a total champ and […]

The Fluff: Team Pink!

Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome back to The Fluff! As you probably know, Pokémon Go has surprised us with yet another seasonal event; this one is for Valentine’s Day, and it increases Candy output, the duration of romantic showers of petals at lured Pokéstops, and, most of all, my endless frustration when I FINALLY […]

The Fluff: Top 5 Gimmick Pokémon in Gen 7

Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome, a week and a day late, to the Fluff! I apologise for the small unannounced hiatus: a wild life appeared and battled my UUTC prep for attention, and I was the only loser. As I was raising my first few competitive Pokémon in Alola, I realized that this generation […]

The Fluff: I Want a Hippopotas for Christmas

Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome to the 50th installment of The Fluff! Oh, how the time flies… but, very appropriately, this article comes at a time for celebrations (doubly so for me, yay!) and I hope it will inspire festive thoughts in you all. Last year, I wrote a (slightly late) Christmas article detailing […]

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