Constitution of the Pokémon Underground Champion’s League Community and Podcast

Article I: Name and Purpose

1. This Community shall be known as the Pokémon Underground Champions’ League or P.U.C.L.

2. The purpose of this organization is twofold:

a. To provide quality Pokémon content to the masses.

b. To provide an online Pokémon community in which members that consume the aforementioned content can compete and discuss Pokémon in its many facets.

Article II: Membership

1. The P.U.C.L. Community does not discriminate against age, race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or nationality. Every person who decides to join the P.U.C.L. Community is free to do so.

Article III: Leadership

1. The Leadership of the P.U.C.L. Community will consist of the following positions; President, Secretary, Advisors, and Editor, and Public Relations.

a. The President is in charge of running all meetings and organization activities. The President is also in charge of managing any funds that P.U.C.L. may have. The President is also in charge of hosting/providing the podcast and audio related media. After that the election criteria is applied to the position.

b. The Secretary is in charge of aiding the President in his duties. The Secretary holds the same regard as the President in the absence of the President. He shall serve as President in the intermittent time between the President stepping down to the time when a new President is elected.

c. The Site Content Manager is in charge of all of the written media on or any other written P.U.C.L. media that may make its way to other sources. He is in charge of the Writing Staff and the hiring and firing of any staff members.

d.Public Relations is in charge of all P.U.C.L. Social media and getting the community involved.

e. Advisors are respected members of the P.U.C.L. Community that do no more than what their title suggests and that is offer their advice on the issues at hand during the meetings of the Blackthorn Council.

2. Any member holding any of the aforementioned positions will become a member of the Blackthorn Council which will be the main decision making power of the community and the direction it might take. A majority vote among the members of the Blackthorn Council will be needed to have any motion pass whether it be a nomination of a new official or of a community policy.

a. The Council is to meet once a month to consider policies and changes that must be made to the community and possible Advisors that may arise.

b. The Council has the power to amend the constitution and to create positions if it is felt they are needed.

c. The Council has the power to remove from office anyone who has 3 documented offenses which hurt the community in any way or has committed things such as sexual harassment or insulted others. They may also remove anyone from office that has not been active for half of their current term.



Article IV: Elections

  1. All Leadership positions except Advisors will be up for election when the current member holding that position steps down. Each candidate must have the below qualifications to run for any leadership position.
    1. The candidate must be nominated by the Blackthorn Council. No one not nominated by the Blackthorn Council is not eligible to be elected to any position in the Leadership.
    2. Any candidate that the Blackthorn Council nominates must be of 16 years of age or older.
  2. To win any election the candidate must have a majority vote from the Blackthorn Council. Regardless of how many Candidates are up for election.
    1. In the case that no candidate receives a majority vote, the ballots must be recast until a majority vote is settled.

Amendment I

  1. The Blackthorn Council will at no point consist of more than 7 members.

Viridian Guild

  1. The Viridian Guild is a group of people that will appear on the podcast. They are there to discuss the show.