Monday 9PM – 11PM Eastern

Gym Type: Poison

IGN: Scron

Friend Code: 5026-4466-0388

Defeat Me to Earn:

The Dubious Badge

Dubious BadgeIntroduction

Poison lingers at the fringes of civilization, always watching the on-goings of society. When necessary, it leaps in to right the wrongs of the powerful with swift and stealthy justice. Poison is the greatest weapon of the weak. Kings have been toppled, and the corrupt dismantled by its sinister grasp. While others look down on Poison, I find its presence reassuring like a silent guardian. It is my duty to teach aspiring trainers the power of poison. Don’t pity my Pokemon because they aren’t inherently powerful. They will not hesitate to cut you down with claw and fang. Come at me if you wish to learn the true power of venom.