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Pokemon of the Week #46 – Lanturn

Glub Glub PUCL readers, do you see that light in the distance, that haunting yet beautiful glow Illuminating the darkness of the ocean. If you get close enough you might see one of the most adorable Pokemon known to man but it might also be the last thing you ever see. Its a Lanturn and […]

Anything Goes: Grass, Fire, & Water? You’re not my type.

Hello, PULConians. I want to start out with apologizing for the lateness of my article. I started a new job and I am trying to find when the best time to write is going to be. So I apologize for the snag in the scheduling, (pun intended). Anyway, please enjoy my article below! Since the dawn […]

In the Meta: Eelektross

Slithering, swimming, and swooping into the PUCL spotlight this week is the glorious Eelektross. With its elegant sucker and shocking powers, Eelektross knows how to stun the crowd both figuratively and literally. With a very specific physical and special move pool, combined with the only typing + ability duo making it immune to *nearly* everything […]

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