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Locke On: Trainer Thatch

And now, coming to you prerecorded from outside the Lavender Town Radio Tower, the one, it’s the only, LOCKE ON! And welcome to the 8th installment of Locke On, I’m your (hopefully) favorite interviewer, HexManiac Locke, with me today is (hopefully) your favorite PUCL President, Cool Trainer Thatch! But seriously, this interview has been a […]

Beorn’s Splash: Feraligatr

Greetings PUCL! This week’s Beorn’s Splash brings a discussion of our lord and master, Thatch’s favorite Pokemon, Feraligatr, this is due to it being the week of said leader’s birthday.  I have already discussed many of Thatch’s favorite Pokemon, including Electivire and Dragonite, so Feraligatr it is! (Just ignore the entire article making fun of […]

Pokemon News Issue #57

Welcome to the newest issue of Pokemon News. Lets get into it. In Championship news, the dates and locations for the Pokemon TCG Regional Championships have been revealed. They are as follows: St. Louis, MO: February 14–15, 2015, at the St. Charles Convention Center Portland, OR: February 14–15, 2015, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Doswell, […]

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