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The Fluff: Venusaur’s Charm

Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome to a very special edition of The Fluff! See, after 30 weeks, Snag and I finally got a request for the topic of our articles! It came from The Bocefus himself, as you probably remember from the last show, and he asked us to write about Venusaur. Now, I’m […]

Beorn’s Splash: The Tyranny of Charizard

Greetings PUCL! Its Beorn here bringing you another exciting issue of the Beorn’s Splash. In this article I discuss an issue which has popped up frequently on the podcast, the tyranny of Charizard. Charizard, the Flame Pokemon, has long been one of the poster boys for the franchise. While Pikachu monopolized the market for cute […]

Weather Wars II – It’s Always Sunny In The VGC

Prepare for Trouble, Puclonians! And as always, make it double! Double the Weather coverage, as it happens, as this is the second entry into my examination of weather. This week we cover Sun! Sun is definitely a tricker type of Weather to approach than Rain is for the first time. Whereas Rain teams get their […]

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