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Anything Goes: PUCLCON!!!

Hello PUCLonians! Welcome to a very special edition of Anything Goes. This week I will be chronicling my adventures at PUCLcon and Pokemon Nationals! I am writing this as I go, so I can say that this has been an extremely exciting PUCLcon thus far. Wednesday My journey started out pretty uneventfully, driving across the state […]

Double Trouble: Celebrate Lord Jushiro

Prepare for Trouble, and, as always, make it Double, Puclonians! I was not kidding when I said last week June is bringing with it a flood of fantastic Writing Staff birthdays. Yesterday was Scron’s birthday and this Friday is Lord Jushiro’s! Two PUCL birthdays in one week: that really IS Double Trouble! Of course, that […]

Today’s Topical Type is: Electric!

Hello as usual, my dear PUCLonians! How have you all been doing? I somehow sense a deep joy all around me, but for some reason I can’t seem to participate in it, nor can I understand where it is coming from. It is a bit like that peculiar weight in the air that precedes a […]

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