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Pokemon News Issue #95

  Welcome back to Pokemon News! After some time cooling off from ranting about Porygon, we finally have some news that is actually worth talking about. So let’s get right into it. In distribution news, there’s quite a lot of them. In fact, this whole issue contains nothing but distribution news, so grab your 3DS, […]

Pokemon News Issue #80

Welcome to the newest issue of Pokemon News here on PUCL. I’ve been going crazy lately with the news drought I’m having over here, but thankfully, there is some news to talk about this time around. So let’s get right into it. In distribution news, two new distributions have been revealed. The first distribution is […]

Anything Goes: Snag’s Shiny Adventures

      Drawing inspiration from our articles last week, The Fluffiest Whimsicott and I decided to recount our experiences in finding shiny Pokemon throughout the years. I won’t be counting shinies that were distributed or found as in game events. While they may be cool, they don’t make for very good story telling.   […]

The Foresight: An IV Breeding Guide

Hey guys! The Roleout was burning out, so I thought I’d start a new series! The Foresight is a series based on competitive guides to being the best like no one ever was. The first in the series is about Breeding for IVs. I will start with talking about the tools you will need for […]

Pokemon News Issue 37 (CoroCoro Leak Special)

Welcome to another text based issue of Pokemon News. Do to time constraints, I can’t make a video presentation for all the important news that I have here. So expect one some other time in the future. In ORAS news, CoroCoro leaked yet again, and a trailer from Nintendo confirmed the information that was leaked. […]

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