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Locke On: Dr. Shamu

  Hello again my PUCL friends! Once again you are welcomed to join me on my exploration into the people who keep PUCL running and get a little insight on how they roll. Today we have slipped into the Laboratory of one of PUCL’s Masters of the Metagame and Council Member, Dr. Shamu. As I […]

Battles at Nationals: A PUCLcon Exclusive

Hello to all of the wonderful readers in the PUCL community. For my article this week, we will be exploring some of the most riveting battles I personally had at Pokemon Nationals in Indianapolis. While this may at first sound self-absorbed, I assure you that many of these battles are situations every battler should learn […]

In the Meta: Shuckle

The Mold Pokemon. You can’t get much cooler than being the Mold Pokemon, am I right? Well, that’s exactly what PUCL’s focus this week is with our dear yellow friend Shuckle. This antisocial little fellow spends most of its life hiding under rocks, but it also expresses a fond interest in drinking the juices of […]

Today’s Topical Type is: Bug!

Hello once again, my dearest PUCLonians! I hope you had a good Pokéween… and even if you didn’t, fear not: there is a little bit of creepiness left coming your way, only this time it is of the crawly kind. That’s right… this week’s Topical Type is coming to bring you extra treats on many, […]

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