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The Fluff: Happy Easter!

Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and a very happy Easter to all those of you who celebrate it! On this happy holiday that modernity has translated to bunnies and (chocolate, for me) eggs, I thad originally wanted to put together an Easter-themed team… only to belatedly realize that Game freak has yet to release a Mega […]

Top 5 OU Pre-Bank Pokemon! Prepare for the UUTC!

What’s up my inspired readers? For this issue of “In the Meta 2.0,” I’ll be discussing what I perceive to be the best Pokemon currently in the Over Used Singles Meta. Over the past two weeks, I’ve poured over 10 hours into the Showdown simulator in order to get a good taste of what to […]

Top 5 7th Generation Competitive Pokemon Prospects

  Along with its tropical weather and tasty malasadas, the Alola Region of the Pokemon Universe has brought much to the table in terms of competitive battling. Even after analyzing the stats, abilities, moves, and typings of all these new Pokemon, it is a rather daunting task to form some sort of coherent “Top” list, […]

The Fluff: My Top 5 Gimmick Pokémon

Hello, my dear PUCLonians! How have you all been doing? Now that Pokémon Sun and Moon is officially next month, how close to vibrating off your feet with excitement are you? I’m pretty darn close myself, but Snag and I decided this time we all need a small break from the Sun and Moon hype […]

The Fluff: Eeveelutions 2: Speculation Boogaloo

Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome to another issue of The Fluff dedicated to fandom’s most beloved evolutionary line: Eeveelutions! Last week Snag and I ranked the existing Eeveelutions… but like many others out there, we think we could always use a bit more Eevee in our lives! So here are my Top 5 Eeveelutions […]

Breaking Card: Top 5 cards in Ancient Origins!

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Grass! Greetings PUCLfans and welcome to another installment of Breaking Card where we analyze, critique and break down our favorite TCG. Ancient Origins is upon us and with it comes an amazing amount of fantastic cards that just beg to be collected or played. To celebrate this grand […]

Today’s Topical Type is: Mega Evolution!

Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome to our last special! Today I’ll be focusing on the newly-discovered phenomenon that has most Pokémon scientists (that’s scientists who study Pokémon) and Pokémon scientists (that’s Pokémon who study science, like me) thoroughly intrigued… that’s right: this week’s Topical Type is Mega Evolution! Section 1 – Introduction Mega Evolution […]

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