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The Fluff: Top 6 Gen VII Pokémon I’m Hyped For (a.k.a. My Pokémon Sun Team)

The Fluff: Top 6 Gen VII Pokémon I’m Hyped For (a.k.a. My Pokémon Sun Team)


Hello, my dear PUCLonians, and welcome to the last pre-Sun and Moon edition of The Fluff! With the games coming out in less than a week, the hype train is reaching record speed, and Snag and I decided to take the lemony spoilers that Game Freak showered us with and make them into everyone’s favorite pre-game activity: team planning! So here you have it: the six Pokémon I’m most hyped about using in Sun and Moon, which will probably end up being my in-game team.

Number 1: Rowlet


Of course, I’ve been #TeamRowlet from the very beginning. The reveal of its evolutions just further solidified my choice: I am absolutely in love with Dartrix, and while I had hoped the final evolution would be a tad prettier, all the details in Decidueye’s designs are simply fantastic, and the Ghost type is so unexpected that I have to appreciate it.

I’d say it came out of nowhere, but all the hints about stealth in its pre-evolution’s descriptions should have clued us in, really.

I suppose, Whimsicott. I honestly like Flying over Ghost, as a type, but Flying paired with Grass does make you live in fear of Ice-type moves, so I’ll take Ghost, too. I can’t wait to see my Rowlet spin his head left and right, and my Dartrix flip his hair, and my Decidueye pull its hood closed… oh, they really weren’t kidding when they said they’d make Gen VII Pokémon awesome through movement! It’s all so precious.

Do you have a nickname in mind for your Rowlet?You always take ages to come up with one…

Oh gosh, you’re right. I’d better pick one now, before I spend all the next weekend deciding and get to the live episode with no gameplay actually done! Uhm… Reddit had several amazing ones, but I’d like a more unique one… Let’s see. He’s obviously inspired by Green Arrow, but he’s a bird archer, so he’s also Hawkeye. Hawkeye kind of ticked me off in Civil War, though… argh, I can’t think of anything!

Oh, Arceus. Readers, feel free to suggest nicknames for all the Pokémon she mentions in this article. She needs all the help she can get.

Hey, that’s not a bad idea. Thanks.

Number 2: Alolan Ninetales


This beauty was on my team the moment I laid eyes on it. It’s probably my favorite Gen VII design, and yes, I know it’s based on a Gen I one, but Ninetales, as great as it is, was somehow made better. I have ordered an Alolan Ninetales sticker to put on my new pearl white XL, and it’s going to be the prettiest console ever, I’m telling you.

I know I shouldn’t be speaking, but *cough*Bullet Punch*cough*.

… I know! But I can’t resist. I’ll just have to look out for Steel types. I do wonder if it still gets Fire-type moves, because that would be really neat. I don’t know, it’s like they condensed all the magic, mystical pretty types into this Pokémon, and I am so into it. I am wondering, though, if it’s because it’s kind of tailored to someone with what you’d consider girly tastes, or if it’s actually that good.

I kind of like pink, so I couldn’t really tell you.

Hey, readers, you’re mostly guys. Do you also think Alolan Ninetales is awesome? I’m genuinely curious. And no, I’m not naming mine Elsa.

My only potential issue with Alolan Ninetales is that from the map, it looks as if the icy part of Alola comes very late in the game… I hope I’m wrong, or that you can fine Alolan Vulpix relatively early on anyway.

Number 3: Comfey


After spending most of the Pride parade this summer handing out cheap fake leis to folks, the reveal of this Pokémon seemed as appropriate to me as it was kind of obvious for a Hawaii-themed region. I do think this should maybe have been another Grass/Fairy type… if you’re taking the exclusive away from Whimsicott, you might as well do it right, instead of with useless Morelull and-




Oook, Whimsicott. I guess it’s kind of like having a very embarrassing cousin, uh? Anyway, Comfey has an interesting new Ability and a lovely design. I’m slinging one around my character’s neck as soon as I can. (Oh, now I wish you could actually do that in the game…)

It would look pretty amazing. But I guess Game Freak was too busy ruining my typing’s name to think about it.

…anyway, Comfey! It’s cute and awesome and helpful, and I want one. If the shiny comes with blue and purple flowers instead of the red and yellow ones, I’ll probably die hunting it. Just so you know.

Number 4: Ribombee


Look at this little cutie! Look at it! Awwwwwww, isn’t it adowabwe? I want to pinch its tiny cheeks and adjust its tiny scarf and have it perch on my fingers forever! EEEEEEE!

Oh, shoot, guys, I think we may have lost the human. Hello? Are you still capable of rational thought?

Barely! The utter cuteness of Ribombee is hard to deal with! It’s just so precious, don’t you think?

Meh. I think I’m just as cute. See, my fluff makes a kind of scarf, too!

That is indeed adorable. But you’re two feet tall, you can’t perch on my fingers. Ribombee is eight inches tall, which is tiny, but not so tiny you can’t scritch it. It’s so perfect! And I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m in love with the autumnal theme it’s got going on. Extremely appropriate for a northern emisphere November. In fact… EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Oh, not again. What?

I’ve just thought about it… There could be a Ribombee plushie sometime in the future!

Oh, someone on the Internet has already made one.


I probably should not have mentioned that. Moving on!

Number 5: Lurantis


Whew. Ok. I’ve collected myself. I can do this. I apologize for the unbecoming squeeing.

I don’t think they noticed much of a difference from your usual, so…

Lurantis is a very elegant and interesting Pokémon. I’ve waxed poetics before about how I love the inversion of a flower-imitating mantis inspiring a mantis-imitating flower Pokémon. Now I should add that I’m really into its traditional Japanese dress-style looks, and its color scheme. I am also rather intrigued by the knowledge that Lurantis is a Totem Pokémon, and I’m wondering if they have some extra significance to the story. I think it could be intriguing if that were the case, especially since we get different ones in different versions, and I always like it when I get differences in plot, even if they’re slight. It’s a chance to say something (see Gen V) or a chance to make buying the second version feel more worth it (see Gen III).

Well, with the different Ultra Beasts, maybe you’ll get your wish.

Hopefully! Going back to Lurantis, my interest is also piqued by the move it was shown to know in the trailer, Solar Blade. Will it really be a physical Solar Beam, or something different? I refuse to read more spoilers, so I guess I’ll find out next week!

Number 6: Solgaleo


There are actually several more Pokémon I’m pretty sure I’ll want to catch and use during my playthrough: I’d feel like a monster if I didn’t befriend a Mimikyu (get that song out of my head!), and if I didn’t evolve Type: Null to free it. Alolan Raichu seems cool, and of course I’ll have to protect every Bounsweet I see with tooth and nail and Poké Ball.

Amen. They can hide in my fluff until they evolve.

And of course, the newly-revealed, mysterious Cosmog is A STARRY NEBULA and thus amazing, But the Pokémon I’m honestly more hyped about catching after the ones I numbered above is indeed Solgaleo. After getting a resounding “eh” as my first review of it, it quickly grew on me as I saw its association with cool old anime (yay, Voltron season 2 in January!) in its design and alchemy lore in its typing (which it shares with one of my favorite Pokémon, Jirachi). Solgaleo looks cool and strong and bright, and if I get to ride it into the sky in the storyline I’ll cry with happiness.

… Also, the entire rest of my team is either Grass or Fairy, so without a Steel type, I’m deader than dead.

Bless you, Solgaleo, for taking all those Poison-type moves for us. Although you’ll still cry every time you see a Fire type.

… probably. Anyway, that is it for my tentative Gen VII in-game team! How about you, my dearest readers? Have you planned one? What Pokémon are you most looking forward to using in-game? Or in the newborn meta, for that matter? Please let us know in the comment section, and come back tomorrow for Snag’s take on this subject! I will, with immense joy, see you all in a rainbow-sparkling new region the next time!

Until Alola,

The Fluffiest Whimsicott