Archive for June, 2012:

P.U.C.L. League is back once again!

Hello PUCLonians!, The League is back once again and hopefully to stay this time around! If you would like to join please sign up for the Tournament on the forum topic designated for it. The winner will win a custom trophy that will never be released again. So make sure you sign up if you […]

Welcome to P.U.C.L. 5.0!

Hello Everyone! Thatch here and telling you guys about the new version of the website. The new site has a load of features that make it better than the old one. User Profiles that are customize able. Badges that you can earn for your profile to enter the league with (still have to be put up). […]

P.U.C.L. #93 Shipping

Thatch and App discuss the odd topic of shipping and their opinions of what it is to be. Be sure to send in your emails to to be on the next episode later this week!

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