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P.U.C.L News – #1

Hello PUCLonians, Redworthy here bringing you this week’s Pokemon news! -Porygon Promotion- This week the official Pokemon website has begun it’s ‘Porygon Promotion’,  with this you’ll be able to; Download a Porygon to your Pokemon Black/White Game Get a Porygon2 Doll  for your Dream World house And download a PorygonZ C-Gear Skin for your Pokemon […]

PokéMyths: The Truths of the Red/Green Beta

           To preface this week’s article, I’d like to point out a realization that I came to shortly after establishing this series. I do recognize that myths within the Pokémon mythology can tend to be rather narrow subject as we delve further and further down this rabbit hole. So I will admit that with subjects […]

No Episode This Week

So after the excitement of the 100th Episode, I have decided to take a short vacation in Goldenrod City and reminisce the old days of PUCL and to take a short break to destress myself. Don’t fret though episode 101 will come to your sweet ears next week! Sarge will be there too as App […]

P.U.C.L. is Hiring

Ok P.U.C.L. People I want to let you guys know that P.U.C.L. is actively looking for new writers and artists. If we need any other positions you will be able to find out at the Job listings under the Staff tab here at the Podcast. So be sure to apply if you think you have […]

Pokémyths: The Mewtation

We’re back this week at PUCL to scrutinize yet another myth in the Pokémon lore. So, just like last week, feedback is welcome. In fact, not only is it welcome, it is very much appreciated. So share your thoughts! Last time we covered a subject involving MissingNo.; a very infamous glitch in video game history. […]

P.U.C.L. #100 Celebrations

So a lot of you are probably wanting to know about the Episode 100 Celebrations and how to watch and participate in it. The Celebrations will be taking place tomorrow July 14th, 2012. The live show will begin at 9AM Eastern. Where can I watch this epic 12 hour live show you might be asking? […]

PokéMyths: MissingNo. & the Cubone Connection

Starting this week, at PUCL, we are bringing back weekly articles. I, myself, will be contributing a weekly series on Pokémon myths, legends, and downright stupid fan assumptions. So long as you PUCLonians enjoy these, they will continue. So give your feedback and ask your questions. I will be more than happy to answer to […]

The Return of Articles

Hello PUCLonians.  ScizorKick, here to give you a small update. I’m sure most of you have encountered me before, whether it has been in the forums or the chat. So I’ll keep this introduction concise. Starting this week, check PUCL’s home page for a fresh new article, by me, every Thursday. As for now, they […]

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