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PokéMyths: A Pokémon Scorn

As many of you know, I am one of the few southern folk on the site. This being the case, I am of course taking the brunt of the hurricane with my fellow natives as this article is being conceived. I figured, “Hey, instead of using the storm as an excuse to not write for […]

P.U.C.L News #5

Hello PUCLonians, Redworthy here bringing you this week’s Pokemon news! -Pokedex 3D Update- For those people who haven’t been able to Streetpass with people and receive the hard to get Pokemon on Pokedex 3D then you’re in luck! The very last update for Pokedex 3D will be released on August 31st, in this update ALL […]

PokéMyths: Bill’s Betrayal

You know, it occurs to me, as I sit on this bench in the pseudo food court of this fine University, a lady on each arm, typing this article, that my life is taking interesting turns as of recent. It will be tougher, no doubt, to churn out these articles week after week now that […]

P.U.C.L News #4

Hello PUCLonians, Redworthy here bringing you this week’s Pokemon news!   -Pokemon Themed 3DS XL- A special Pikachu themed 3DS XL is scheduled to be released in Japan at Pokemon centers, no release date has been announced now has it been announced for the West. -Pokémon: Typing Adventure European Release Date- The European release date […]

PokéMyths: Elusive Legends

Heads up: This article is about the trials and tribulations of finding Mew and Celebi. But, it does go into rant territory. You have been warned. There’s something about things that are elusive in nature. The “one that got away” mentality is one of those things that pushes us to our limits and then makes […]

TCGTime #2 Eelz

Hey there guys! TCGTyler here with another installment of TCGTime. Today i will be giving you a rundown on the top 2 winning decks at Worlds which was held over the weekend. Worlds was pretty crazy from all the recaps i saw, and it looks like the decks themselves were pretty evenly matched. Most matches […]

P.U.C.L News #3

Hello PUCLonians, Redworthy here bringing you this week’s Pokemon news! -Keldeo Event- A new event has been announced for Pokemon Black and White, with this event you can get the Legendary Pokemon Keldeo. This Keldeo is in it’s ‘Ordinary Form’ and can be changed to it’s ‘Resolute Form’ if you trade it to Pokemon Black […]

PokéMyths: Combat in Kanto

Let’s get serious for a moment, PUCLonians. There are several constants in this world we live in. There will always be stupid people, there will always be an endless amount of Zubat in Dark Cave, and war shall always plague us. As human beings, we gravitate towards it. We don’t know why, we just do. […]

TCGTime #1

Hey there PUCLonians, TCGTyler here to fill you in on the vast cardboard world of TCG. My Monday articles will let you in on what’s going on in the competitive card game, as well as provide strategies for deck building, counters to overpowered cards and any other information I can try to BS my way […]

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