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Thatch’s Thoughts: Helioptile, Pancham, and Fletchling

Hey once again guys, today I would like to give you my thoughts on the rest of the new pokemon revealed earlier this month. The first I want to discuss is Helioptile, a normal/electric type lizard thing. First it’s a unique typing, which could end up being cool, especially if it evolves. It also has […]

Thatch’s Thoughts: Go Go Gogoat

A couple weeks ago while I was traveling across country back to my girlfriend’s house, we were in South Dakota and I decided to check up on some Pokemon news. Surely I found 4 new pokemon for myself to gush over. I would eventually like to talk about the others, but Gogoat has grabbed my […]

Thatch’s Thoughts: New Mewtwo Form

Hey everyone, so I’m still in Hawaii, and thought I would give you some of my personal thoughts on one piece of news that has been revealed about X and Y since the last episode. This has to do with the new Mewtwo form. There was a lot of speculation that surrounded the form during […]

Don’t worry P.U.C.L. Is Still Here

Hey everyone I know it’s been a while since you have seen an episode and I would like to apologize for that. The delay was caused by the fact that App and myself among with many other were graduating and we have had to finish a lot of projects in the past month. Right now […]

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