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P.U.C.L. #116 Pokemon X and Y review

Here it is. Thatch and Sarge discuss the brand new games after having them for 2 weeks. The Mailbag question for next time is,”What is your favorite Gen 6 pokemon?” Send your answers into! Also don’t forget to go to the PUCL forums and share your friend code!  

FanFic Feature Chapter 95

Happy ┬áMonday everybody! Welcome back to another installment of FanFic Feature. This week we have the first Elite 4 Chapter! Enjoy!     Chapter 95: Trace The crowd unleashed a deafening roar when Eli overcame his nerves and walked out onto the battlefield. As soon as Eli entered the battlefield, he saw the terrain that […]

FanFic Feature Chapter 94

Hey guys! Welcome back another installment of FanFic Feature! Enjoy this weeks chapter!   Chapter 94: Locked and Loaded! Eli walked down the winding gravel road while pondering all of the events that would be coming tomorrow. Eli could see the sun dropping down over the horizon, and he knew that it would be a […]

P.U.C.L. #115 Live Show Starts at 2:30 PM Eastern

Come and listen to our review of the new games! You can listen via the player below! [mixlr url=””] You can also listen at the following website. Remember to tun in at 2:30 Eastern!

FanFic Feature Chapter 93

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to another installment of FanFic Feature! This week, I will be posting Chapter 93 of my story! Thanks so much for the support!   Chapter 93: Entering the League and Exploration! As soon as Eli entered Diamond Plateau, he was captivated by the landscape that surrounded him. Off to either side, […]

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