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Memory Link: Creepy Pasta

This past week, the final dubbed episode of the Pokemon Origins miniseries debuted on Pokemon TV, closing off what has been a real treat for Pokefans who remain fond of the glory days of Pokemon Red and Blue (or maybe FireRed and LeafGreen to you young’uns). Not only is the dub cast perfectly serviceable, but […]

FanFic Feature Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Zach Eli had sped up to a peppy trot as he reached the door. The crowd seemed to scream towards him from every angle, and it created an eerie feeling for Eli as the buff security guard opened the door for him. Eli rushed through the door and into the locker room as […]

Memory Link: Gotta Rap ‘Em All

[Hey there, PUCLonians! My name is Eryn, a.k.a. Pokeryn, and I’m here to bring you a new weekly series of retrospectives about the Pokemon franchise and fandom. Good to be on board, and hope you enjoy the first instalment!] Assuming you are a Pokefan who is hip to the Internet (to all you Amish Pokefans: […]

FanFic Feature Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Joel The roar of the crowd closed on Eli from all sides as he kept his head low, trying not to erupt after his victory over the 3rd Elite 4 member, Lucia. A small grin was lingering on Eli’s face, as it was difficult for him to hide his excitement that he had […]

A Critical Eye: Pokemon the movie 2000

Pokemon the movie 2000, or for the purposes of this review Pokemon 2, is an improvement over the first Pokemon film, which I had a number of issues with. This isn’t to say that Pokemon 2 is perfect by any means. Pokemon 2 has a number of issues but none that keep the movie from […]

FanFic Feature Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Lucia! Eli feet pattered up against the moist clay as he stalked back into the locker room, the crowd buzzing at him from all sides. A massive smile was plastered to his face, and he could not help but to wave to the crowd and high-five the fans that had made it to […]

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