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P.U.C.L. Turns Six!

Hey everyone! Today is new years and no doubt you are all celebrating. But today is also the 6th anniversary of PUCL, and is one that I can honestly at that everything is going great. Our community has grown, we have a large tournament coming up, and we have been putting out regular episodes. Not […]

Pokemon News Issue #1

Welcome to the first issue of Pokemon News here on PUCL. I am you News Journalist, Viger. News will be posted weekly every Tuesday and will contain news about all things Pokemon. Without further ado, lets get started with the biggest news article of the week. If you are like me, you were probably excited […]

Pokemon 4ever

  There is a moment early on in Pokemon 4ever that is very telling. The “Iron Masked Marauder” (aka the bad guy) is speaking with another Pokemon hunter and the Marauder tells him that his Pokeballs are “Dark Balls” and they make Pokemon evil. What this reveals is that the writers of Pokemon are incapable […]

Memory Link Will Return in the New Year!

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading Memory Link for the past month or so that it’s existed! I’ve really been enjoying taking these weekly looks back at little bits of the franchise that I never thought I would get to see again! Unfortunately, though, it looks like my holiday schedule is a little more hectic […]

U.U.T.C. Update 12/20/13

Hey Everyone For those of you who have been following the development of the Ultimate Underground Champion’s Tournament, here are the official rules! 1. Every Battle will be a single battle 6v6 2. The bracket will be double Elimination as previously mentioned. 3. At the beginning of the tournament you must submit a team of […]

Memory Link: It Hurts When I Squirtle

You know you’ve made it when you get parodied. Not that Pokemon needed that kind of proof. By 1999, Pokemon was a booming pop culture phenomenon in school yards, in homes, and on television screens across North America. It was big enough by November of that year that questions about the franchise were fair game […]

U.U.T.C. Update

Win Prizes! First Place: First Choice of Figurines Second Place: Second Choice of Figurines One Lucky PUCLonion: The remaining figure Also donate $4 to PUCL to get an invitation sent to your house. Email or sign up here

A New P.U.C.L. Tournament?!

Sign up for the U.U.T.C.! The rules are the following! All battles are single battle 6v6. There will be a ban list that has yet to be determined. The style is double elimination. Sleep Clause and Evasion Clause are active. There will be prizes for the winner, runner up and one random competitor! Battle to […]

P.U.C.L. Throwback Trivia Challenge #2

Alright guys, for this question all I need you to do is inbox me the correct answer. There can be multiple winners so please submit any guess. I will only accept the first answer from each person. The prize is only the trivia badge this time, but it should be an easier question. As of […]

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