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In the Meta: Gyarados

Gyarados is a dubious Pokemon. Not only does it evolve from the Pokemon believed by many to be the weakest, but it is also an incredibly powerful Pokemon capable of destroying entire teams when used by a capable trainer. Gyarados possesses significant offensive and defensive capabilities that can be custom fit to your team. Currently, […]

Pokemon News Issue #13

Welcome to another installment of Pokemon News. In music news, the soundtrack for Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl have been released on iTunes. Download them right now, it’s really good. In TwitchPlaysPokemon news, having beaten Crystal, the stream has now moved on to Pokemon Emerald, with a female protagonist named A. During the course of […]

PUCL Movie Night 2

[poll id=”3″] It’s time for another PUCL movie night! On Movie Nights we here at P.U.C.L. meet in the chatbox and start the movie at the same time so we can all watch and comment on the film together. Please fill out the poll to  help us choose what movie to watch! We will begin […]

P.U.C.L. T-shirts are finally on sale!

Everyone! You can now buy a P.U.C.L. T-shirt from our store on Ebay, currently we only have a limited supply so hurry and buy a shirt before they are gone!

In the Meta: Tyranitar

There are few Pokemon that can claim they are literally a lean, green, fighting machine. Let’s see… Pokemon like Pineco, Gulpin, Trubbish are nowhere close… There are some more viable threats like Sceptile, Cradily, and Reuniclus who get much closer. And then there’s the king of green, Tyranitar. In the OU metagame, Tyranitar is in […]

Pokemon News Issue #12

Welcome to another issue of Pokemon News. In world news, Japan has done something very special for the upcoming 2014 World Cup. They have chosen Pikachu to be the official mascot for the Japanese football team for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. This is probably a very good move on the FIFA perspective, […]

In the Meta: Heatran

Usually, when I queue up for an X and Y battle spot match and see legendary Pokemon on the opposing trainer’s team, I think, “Wow, another Mewtwo? This will be easy.” However, there are a few legendaries that can give anybody a scare in the OU metagame. Everyone’s favorite lava-toad-ram, Heatran, is one of them. […]

Pokemon News Issue #11

Welcome to another issue of Pokemon News. Not much has been going on in the area of Pokemon news. The only news worth reporting is that an extended trailer for the Pokemon XY movie, “The Coccoon of Destruction and Diancie” has been released. The trailer showcases the two villains in the movie: Marilyn Flame, who […]

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