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Pokemon News Issue #18

Welcome to a new issue of Pokemon News with me, Viger. As the podcast said yesterday, not much has happened in the area of Pokemon news. Only two stories to report on today. In toy news, McDonald’s is providing a Pokemon themed toy with the purchase of one of their Happy Meals. The toys consist […]

In the Meta: Mawile

If Pokemon were real, Mawile would certainly be one of the most dangerous Pokemon out there. It quite literally acts adorable so you will let your guard down before it eats you. In the manga, Ruby gets attacked by a group of flesh-eating Mawile in Granite Cave. Pretty serious stuff considering you probably don’t even […]

Pokemon News Issue #17

Welcome back to another installment of Pokemon News, on time this time around. In X and Y news, a recent hacking has uncovered more information about the future of Pokemon X and Y. Three new moves have been discovered deep in the game’s files that have never been seen in a Pokemon game before. These […]

In the Meta: Banette

There are few Pokemon that are as terrifying as Banette. Not only do the unblinking eyes and unyielding smile cause discomfort, but Banette is literally a Pokemon born from hatred. After being abandoned as a plush doll, Banette was given life by cursed energy and presumed to hunt down the child that disowned it. That […]

Pokemon News Issue #16

Welcome to another issue of Pokemon News. Sorry for the late post. All the news today is concerned with the recent Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct announcement. Several Pokemon related announcements were made, including new and returning characters. First, the Master Ball has been revealed as a new item. It is a rare ball that […]

Tourny Update

I’m sorry to announce that the tournament that was to be held on the 19th is being cancelled and will hopefully rescheduled for a later date. Thank you for your understanding. Shuckle on, Puclonians! ~DrShamu

In the Meta: Togekiss

This week it is lucky article number seven, so I thought it would be fun to write an analysis on the luckiest Pokemon out there. If Swagger had not just been banned by Smogon, I would probably write this on Klefki. Seeing how Klefki is now consigned to the role of support, however, luck really […]

Pokemon News Issue #15

Welcome back to another installment of Pokemon News. In X and Y news, based on recent sales numbers, Pokemon X and Y are the best selling games on the 3DS to date. Having sold over 12 million units since it’s release, the games have become one of Nintendo’s best selling games, though Diamond and Pearl […]

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