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In the Meta: Noivern

First conceived in South African folklore, the wyvern is a dragon-like creature that would supposedly descend from the Drakensberg mountain range, hence its name, and carry off full grown elephants for its young to feed on. A defining characteristic of the wyvern was that it had no distinct arms, but had to use its wings […]

Pokemon News Issue #25

Welcome back to Pokemon News. Literally nothing of importance has happened in the news recently, kinda like the XY anime at the moment. The only thing that can be reported on is that a new TCG pack will be released in Japan sometime this September named “Phantom Gate”. The set is said to feature Mega […]

Pokemon Jigsaw: Bisharp

What’s up guys, it’s Eli, back for the third installment of Pokemon Jigsaw. In the last article, we covered Suicune. This week, we’ll cover a powerful chess piece – Bisharp.   Bisharp, a Pokemon who has been popularized this generation with the buff to Knock Off, provides amazing offensive prowess for any team. Since Bisharp […]

In the Meta: Flygon

  The Pokemon known as the Spirit of the Desert is paying us a visit from the Under Used tier this week, and it may just surprise us with how viable it actually is in Over Used. Flygon is a highly underrated Pokemon that deserves consideration on any team looking for fast scout, a powerful […]

Pokemon News Issue #24 “E3 Special Edition”

Welcome to a very special issue of Pokemon News with me, Viger. E3 is all done and its time to recap all of the important information revealed a lot for Nintendo, but all we care about is the new info about Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. So lets get to it. Most information revealed about […]

In the Meta: Thundurus-Incarnate

There is a storm raging in the Over Used tier, and few Pokemon can hope to quell it. Thundurus is a chaotic deity on the search for destruction, and many skilled trainers grant its wish by abusing its brokenness on their teams. The rival of Thundurus, Tornadus, doesn’t even come close to matching the strength […]

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