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In the Meta: Simipour

(Sorry for weird formatting this week, I lost my laptop charger and am using an awkward desktop) For this week’s article, we are doing a special NU edition about everyone’s favorite (EVERYONE’S) favorite of the elemental monkeys, Simipour. This ape of the suds can really mess things up in the NU tier, and can even throw […]

No Featured Team This Week

Sorry for the disappointment guys, there will be no featured team this week. I have been traveling and working on new badges to get to the website. However never fear! We will be back next week with preventative measures so that will not happen again. In the meantime if you haven’t already send you teams […]

Pokemon News Issue #30

Welcome to the 30th issue of Pokemon News. In game news, the Pokeball pattern Vivillon that was distributed in Japan and France is now set to be distributed at the Gamescom convention in Cologne, Germany from August 14th to August 17th. So if you live in Germany, lucky you. Still no plans for a distribution […]

Gym Time Change for Ethan

As some of you know I have been unable to make my gym time recently. This is because of various short film projects I am working on with my friends. My gym time will now be from 8:00-10:00P.M. EST on Wednesdays. I apologize for any confusion this may cause. -Ethan

The Roleout: Leads

Hey everyone! Welcome to The Roleout! Where each week I will analyze and explain a different role in Competitive Battling. As well as a pretty nice giveaway having to deal with the Role in the article. Last week was an in depth look at cores where I asked the people of PUCL to make cores […]

New Badge Available: The iTunes Review Badge

Everyone you can now earn this new Chatot Badge which will be given to anyone who has already or will leave us an iTunes review! Make sure you let me know if you have not received it you will get it as soon as I see the message! Try to fill up your badge case!–Thatch

In the Meta: Galvantula

Scuttling into PUCL’s spotlight this week is the most fearsome spider that Pokemon has to offer. The bundle of joy known as Galvantula strikes fear into the hearts of many individuals who are less than fond of this arachnid’s effective methods at shutting down the opponent’s team. It goes without saying that this zealot of […]

P.U.C.L. Featured Team #2

Thatch:  Hello everyone and Welcome to P.U.C.L.’s Featured team. Brought to you by Rhyhorn Steakhouse. If it moves, they’ll serve it. This is an article where Dr. Shamu and I will be discussing a P.U.C.L. Community team each week. The teams will always be posted above. We exclude EV spreads to prevent people from copying […]

Pokemon News Issue #29

Welcome back to another issue of Pokemon News with your news reporter, Viger. In movie news, the first Pokemon XY movie, “Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction” has been released in theaters across Japan. Aside from the Darkrai distribution with the movie, a distribution of the pokemon Diancie is also going on at various theaters […]

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