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And we have a winner!

The results of the Sumer League Finals are in, and our winner is Ken109. Congrats on winning the league Ken. Catch Y’all on the flip flop.

The Roleout: Wallbreakers

Hello everyone! Welcome to yet another addition of The Roleout! Where each week I pick a competitive role to analyze. Also this weeks giveaway is yet another great Poke up for grabs! So let’s get to it! Last week I asked the citizens of PUCL to choose between Defogger and Spinner. While a couple of […]

In the Meta: Cofagrigus

  They say that when explorers wander too far into Cofagrigus’ territory, they get swallowed and therefore stuck inside the body of this foreboding specter. Just like its nature in the lore, this ghost will have no issue patiently waiting for your opponents to make a misstep before stealing their last bit of hope and […]

Breaking News!

A news Pokemon game has been revealed by The Pokemon Company President, Tsunekazu Ishihara, on the “Monthly Famistu feat.” stream earlier today. It turns out that it is indeed the Pokemon fighting game that was teased about a year ago. Dubbed “Pokken Tournament” this game is a collaboration by Bandai Namco and by producers of […]

Pokemon News Issue #34

Welcome to the 34th issue of Pokemon News here on PUCL. In the news today, a special livestream event will be held later today with a “shocking announcement” regarding Pokemon. This is the “Monthly Famitsu feat. Pokemon Special on NicoNico” that I had mentioned last issue. Many fans have speculated what the announcement would be. […]

P.U.C.L. #144 The TCG

Thatch has Scron and Bocefus talk about the current state of the TCG and how the TCG has been taking over their lives. What do you like about the TCG?

The Roleout: Hazard Clears

Hey everyone! Wiser here for another edition of The Roleout! Where every week I pick a new competitive role to analyse! Some exciting news this week: The Roleout is going weekly! That’s right folks! You get to read me every week now! Anyway, last week we went over pivots, and this week is a response to the […]

In the Meta: Vaporeon

  Looking at that adorable little smile, you wouldn’t think that this precious ferret/fish/cat/dolphin/ potent elemental creature could really dish out any serious hurt in a metagame filled with killer fairies, sand dinosaurs, and ninja frogs, but this “being” can certainly hold its own in a variety of useful and seldom occupied roles. The best […]

Summer League Finals

The finals will be a round robin-like style. Each participant will face each other in a best 2 out of 3 match and for each win you will earn a point. Whoever has the most points after the three matches will be the victor. As said previously, please inform me when you have completed your […]

Pokemon News Issue #33

Welcome to the next issue of Pokemon News brought to you by your very own news reporter, Viger. In championship news, the Pokemon World Championships happened over the weekend. In both the VGC and the TGC, the winners were crowned: in TGC, Haruto Kobayashi won Juniors, Trent Orndorff won Seniors, Andrew Estrada won Masters; in […]

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