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P.U.C.L. #150 Celebrations! Retro Episode: P.U.C.L. #1

Hey Guys, in anticipation for the 150th Episode this weekend, October 5th, at 2PM Eastern, when we will record it live so you guys can listen in, we have decided to put out our older episodes for you to listen to in a remastered form. So here is the first this week with P.U.C.L. #1 […]

Pokemon News Issue #39

Welcome to the newest installment of Pokemon News. In 2DS news, a new version of the 2DS has been announced, promoting ORAS. This new version is in both red and blue and has a transparent front. These 2DSs will be available on November 7th in Europe and will come bundled with ORAS on the 28th. […]

Movie Night Clarification/Reminder

In the original post announcing this week’s PUCL movie night I had said that it will take place on the 4th. On the most recent podcast I said that it will be taking place on the 5th. I would just like to clear up any possible confusion about the manner and let you guys know […]

P.U.C.L. #149 Pokemon Myths

Thatch has Scron and Ethan over in the Radio Tower today to discuss some of their favorite in game legends and myths. Don’t forget to come to the PUCL live episode celebrating 150 episodes of PUCL on October 5th at 2PM Eastern! What do you want to know about PUCL and its plans? Email us […]

The Roleout: Supporter

Hey everyone! WiserOsprey here for this weeks new edition of The Roleout! The Roleout for those of your who have recently learned to read is where each week I pick a competitive role to discuss and analyze. Also get ready for this weeks giveaway! Last time we looked at Phazers and Hazers, two roles that […]

Pokemon News Issue #38

Welcome to the next installment of Pokemon News on the Pokemon Underground Champions League. Its been a pretty slow week for news related to Pokemon, but I think I can manage. In TCG news, a new X and Y set for the Pokemon Trading Card Game has been announced. This fifth set has been split […]

The Roleout: Phazers and Hazers

Hey PUCLonians! Welcome to this weeks article of the Roleout. Where every week I pick a different competitive role to discuss and Analyze. Also, look forward to this weeks giveaway! Anyway, last weeks Giveaway was a real catch! A 6 IV Shiney Competitive Kalos born Blissey is not something to be shy about, that’s why […]

In the Meta: Absol

Coming down from the mountains for its PUCL debut is quite possibly one of the most interesting Pokemon currently in both the Over Used and Under Used metagame, it’s the shadow of destiny, the angel of darkness, and the weatherman of disaster, it’s Absol. Abundance is a word that adequately describes Absol in most areas. […]

PUCL Movie Night 5

Hi all! The next PUCL movie night will be October 4th at 8:00 PM EST. Be sure to show up a bit early to get ready! The movie we will be watching will be voted upon that night. Hope to see you there! Ethan

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