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Beorn’s Splash: The Weather Trio Mythos

Greetings PUCL! I apologize for the delay on this week’s article, Thanksgiving really cut into my normal writing time. This week, continuing with the ORAS theme from last week, I discuss the stories and inspiration for the Weather Trio: Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza.   Groudon, the Continent Pokemon, has the ability to expand the continents. […]

Today’s Topical Type is: Ground!

Hello, my dear PUCLonians! That great joy I spoke of last week is still firmly hanging in the air, and it now seems to permeate pretty much the entire world… I’m still not sure what it’s about, but I’m content to bask in it without too many questions. If you find this attitude unusual for […]

Breaking the Meta: Farfetch’d

  Happy Thanksgiving / Turkey Day / convenient excuse to eat a lot of food to my fellow Puclonians! In honor of said holiday, deliberation has decided that the Pokemon to be analyzed for this week should be the closest to a turkey. While it’s a bit farfetch’d (Yes, I went there already) to say […]

Double Trouble: Spread Moves Pt. 1

Prepare for trouble, Puclonians! And make it double – a double battle, that is! It is time for another installment of Double Trouble, discussing double battles and the VGC format. This week we begin to look at spread moves, one of the most essential qualities that differentiate double battles from single battles. Even if you never […]

Trivia Giveaway Update

Reminder about the PUCL Trivia Giveaway! You have until late Wednesday night to submit your answers. Nobody has gotten a perfect score so far, so the closest will be the winner! The giveaway Pokemon is exceedingly rare, so get on this hype train. Remember to send your responses to Question 1: Name an evolutionary […]

Pokemon News Issue #47 (Post ORAS Edition)

Welcome to a sort of late issue of Pokemon News. In ORAS news, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are out now. So…… In Smash Bros news, Super Smash Bros for Wii U is out now. So….. In Update news, there is a small QR code update for ORAS that has gone live. Find the […]

P.U.C.L. #157 ORAS Launch Live Show

Thatch, Scizorkick, Scron, Ethan, Dr. Shamu, Viger, and Gator team up this episode to hang out and talk about the new pokemon game that was released. Mailbag: What is you favorite part of ORAS so far? Email us the answer at Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Tumblr, subscribe […]

PUCL Trivia Challenge!

Hello to all my Puclonians! If you haven’t seen one before, this is a giveaway! This is PUCL’s first giveaway since ORAS, and hopefully not the last. Now, I’m a bit of a trivia nerd, and I also like secrets. Therefore, I shall refuse to reveal the Pokemon that the giveaway is for until my article […]

Today’s Topical Type is: Electric!

Hello as usual, my dear PUCLonians! How have you all been doing? I somehow sense a deep joy all around me, but for some reason I can’t seem to participate in it, nor can I understand where it is coming from. It is a bit like that peculiar weight in the air that precedes a […]

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