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Breaking Card: Primal Groudon EX

Primal Instinct… Around 201 million years ago, there were giants roaming the land. These ferocious beasts had sharp teeth and powerful claws capable of killing prey with no struggle, no mercy. These “dinosaurs” ruled the world; no other animal could match their strength, their power. If it were not for extinction, we could have not prospered […]

Beorn’s Splash: Venusaur

Greeting PUCL! Welcome to another exciting installment of Beorn’s Splash. This week I bring a discussion of my favorite starter Pokemon, Venusaur! My love affair with Venusaur began when the original Pokemon Red and Blue became big. After weeks of saving, doing chores for my family on the weekends, and generally scrounging any source for […]

Pokemon News Issue #66

Welcome back to Pokemon News here on PUCL. Let’s get into it. In Pokken news, a new information about the upcoming Pokken Tournament was recently revealed via a NicoNico stream. The information confirms that Gengar is the newest fighter in the roster, and also confirming that Mega Gengar is his special move in the game. […]

The Underground Star Scoop: XY60 – A Showcase Debut

Salutations fellow PUCLonians and welcome to another edition of The Underground Star Scoop! This week we get to watch Serena make her debut performance at the Coumarine Rookie Class Pokemon Showcase. At the arena we run into Shauna who is also competing in the Showcase. From this day on, Shauna and Serena are now rivals. […]

P.U.C.L. #179 Pokemon Rumble World

Thatch, Shamu, and Viger all discuss the newest pokemon release: Pokemon Rumble World Mailbag: What do you think of Rumble World? Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Tumblr, subscribe to our Subreddit, and most importantly Review us on iTunes! For Rumble World passwords click here.

Breaking Card: Mega Aggron EX

Bulldozing the competition… Welcome to another installment of Breaking Card where we analyze, critique, and break down your favorite cards in the Pokémon TCG. This week we are back to our regular schedule programming as we take a look at another great card from the set Primal Clash. This set has already given us a […]

Double Trouble: What Are Hazards?

Prepare for Trouble and make it Double, Puclonians! Singularly double, (or doubly singular?) you might say, as this week’s topic is about one of the biggest environmental differences between the VGC and singles. What would indubitably be considered one of, if not the most, influential facets of competitive Pokémon in Singles is effectively completely absent […]

In the Meta: Vivillon

  (Pokeball and Fancy Pattern not Pictured) There’s an old saying in the Kalos region. “When life gives you Scatterbugs, make Vivillons.” With so many varieties (40 Including Shiny variants) there is no lack of these colorful butterflies to brighten up your PC or battlefield with. With an elegant flair for some cool moves with […]

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