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PUCL Trivia Challenge #3

Greetings once again to all you trivia hungry Puclonians! Last week’s competition was a resounding success with a three-way tie for perfect submissions along with numerous other replies! The three perfect contestants this time were: R.Sigma, TheFluffiestWhimsicott, and ThatsBushLeague! After assigning each of the flawless participants a number from one to three, I grabbed my […]

P.U.C.L. #197 Pokemon Contests

Thatch, Ethan, and Viger get together and talk about pokemon contests and what they think about their return in ORAS! Mailbag: What is favorite post-game? What do you think should be included in the next post-game? Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Tumblr, subscribe to our Subreddit, and most importantly Review […]

Whimsicott’s Whimsical Wanderings – Cinnabar Island (and a mystery guest)

Hello, my dear PUCLonians! How have you been? It’s been a while, I know. My vacation ended up being… well. Let me tell you about it without jumping ahead too much. Cinnabar Island Location: Kanto Population: 9 Notable residents: formerly, Gym Leader Blaine, and quite possibly Mr. Fuji Ah, Cinnabar Island! Look at that festive […]

A Spirited Battle Against the Spirit Leader

I’ve always heard stories about the fabled Ecruteak City. Two majestic towers once stood tall here. One still remains, towering to the sky and the other sits crumbled to the ground as a sad reminder of what once was. This town is steeped in majestic tradition. The legends of this region have originated from this […]

Breaking Card: World Champion Archie’s Blastoise

An Unexpected Champion Welcome Puclfans to a new installment of Breaking Card, where we analyze, critique and break down our favorite TCG. Last week was the Pokémon World Championship and it was bloody amazing. The best players from around the world came together in a tournament that would crown who was the best, the very […]

Pokemon News Issue #77

Welcome to the newest installment of Pokemon News. Last week I didn’t post an issue due to there being no news to talk about. But then then last week, BIG news came out of Pokemon Worlds. (Cuz of course it would.) So with out further a do, let’s get into it. In games news, as […]

PUCL Trivia Challenge #2 Update

Hello Puclonians! Just a friendly reminder that you have until Sunday night on the 30th to submit your responses for the 2nd PUCL Trivia Challenge! The winner will receive the Trivia Challenge badge alongside a prize of their choice from the three options below! 1. A custom designed dice bag with a Pokemon and color […]

P.U.C.L. #196 RGB Adventures Manga

Thatch, Bocefus, and Dr. Shamu talk about the RGB pokemon adventures manga. Mailbag: Do you have any super contest stories or strategies? Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Tumblr, subscribe to our Subreddit, and most importantly Review us on iTunes!

Double Trouble: Celebrate MickeyPanda

Prepare for Trouble, and, as always, make it Double, Puclonians! It is time for a VERY special installment of Double Trouble. Did you read the word “Celebrate” in the title? You read titles before clicking to read more, right? Of course you do. So you know what that means! Yup. We’ve had a birthday! August […]

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