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Founded on December 31st, 2007

P.U.C.L. (Pokemon Underground Champions League) was established on December 31st, 2007, when the first episode was released. Founders Cool Trainer Thatch and Professor Sycamore ran the show for an extended period of time. Since then there have been major shifts in the podcast, as it has grown up with its founder Thatch. The audio quality has improved, the discussion has become more focused, and the competitive information become more fine-tuned.

P.U.C.L. is now run by a group of 7 people known as the Blackthorn Council. These are people who have been in the P.U.C.L. community for a long time and perform essential jobs for its function.

P.U.C.L. is more than a podcast however, it is a community. That can not be stressed enough. You can often find Thatch in the chat telling every member (or PUCLonian if you will) that their input matters to him more than anything. This can be seen in each week’s episode as every member who submits an email gets their 5 minutes of fame as it is read on air.

Not only do the PUCLonians make the show, but here at P.U.C.L. the community gets to battle in many different ways.

At the beginning of every year P.U.C.L. holds a tournament called the Ultimate Underground Tournament of Champions or U.U.T.C. (we love our abbreviations at P.U.C.L.). Where the winner is crowned that year’s Ultimate Underground Champion. During the Summer P.U.C.L. holds a gym league with 10 gym leaders that you can challenge in real time to earn their badge and then use those badges to enter in the Summer League Tournament in early August. P.U.C.L. also hosts smaller tournaments in the chat on occasion to keep the community involved and to have some fun playing Pokemon, which this is all about.

P.U.C.L. Constitution