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Founded on December 31st, 2007

P.U.C.L. (Pokemon Underground Champions League) was established on December 31st, 2007, when its brief introductory episode was first released. For an extended period of time after that, the podcast was jointly led by its original founders, Cool Trainer Thatch and Professor Sycamore. Since then, there have been major shifts in the podcast from the departure of Professor Sycamore to the introduction of an amazing group of rotating co-hosts. Over the years, the audio quality has improved, the discussions have become more focused, and the competitive information has become more fine-tuned. Through it all, Thatch has remained the driving force of P.U.C.L.

Alongside Thatch, P.U.C.L. is now led by a group of 6 people known as the Blackthorn Council. These are people who have been in the P.U.C.L. community for a long time and perform essential jobs. However, as P.U.C.L has grown, so too has its staff. We have since created the Viridian Guild which encompasses other important community members. Including the Guild, Discord Moderators, and Technical & Social Media Support, P.U.C.L now has over 20 people helping support its ever-growing community.

Over the years, P.U.C.L. has grown to be more than just a podcast, it is now an active community. That cannot be stressed enough. You can often find Thatch, or any other staff member on Discord, telling every P.U.C.L member (or PUCLonian if you will) that their input matters. This can be seen time and again as P.U.C.L. works to provide content that the community wants and recognizes members for their continued involvement within P.U.C.L.

Being a PUCLonian is so much more than just being a listener. There are a number of ways to be actively involved within the community. You can simply hang out with us on Discord or Twitch. If you enjoy battling your Pokémon, you can participate in any of our tournaments throughout the year. For those that love writing about Pokémon, you can send us emails to our weekly prompts or even join our writing team for the website. Finally, for those that feel inclined to do so, you can support us on Patreon. Not only does it help to keep the show going, it allows us to provide new content for you to enjoy. There are also many great rewards given out every month to our patrons.

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