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Hello PUCLonians! Welcome back to Anything Goes! Two weeks ago, Whimsicott shared her ideas on how the Avengers would do with Pokemon and what Pokemon would suit them the best! If you haven’t read that yet, go check that out. As a second part of this series (that we intend to continue at another time in the future), I am going to write about what Pokemon I think would fit the main characters in the Avatar: The Last Airbender (henceforth known as Avatar, since that is the only Avatar worth mentioning) universe.

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If you’re not familiar with the series, I highly suggest you take some time and watch it! I am sure you can find it somewhere online, but it is definitely available through Amazon Prime Instant Video. Or you can come hang out with me for a few days and we’ll watch it together. Whatever works. The basic gist of the series is that there are 4 elements (Air, Water, Earth, and Fire) that can be controlled, or bent, by people if they have been given that gift. The Avatar becomes a master of all of the elements and is supposed to bring balance to the world.


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In case you’re not familiar with the series, Aang is the free-spirited, fun-loving, Avatar: person who is destined to master the four forms of bending. He is an Air bender by nature, but eventually learns the other forms of bending, as well. The Pokemon I picked for him represent the elements he controls, as well as the spirit that he embodies.

tornadus  chimchar gligar




 surskit  aipom  wailord




Tornadus is the only pure Flying type Pokemon. It is this and the cloud that he floats on that makes him a good fit for Aang. It is well known that Aang likes to ride around on air balls, almost like a scooter. Tornadus’ cloud most resembles this. As far as attitude goes, I feel like Tornadus is a little aggressive for Aang, but the other aspects outweigh this. Besides, the other Pokemon I picked exemplify the spirit that Aang brings. I chose Chimchar, Gligar, and Surskit for the Pokemon that represent Fire, Ground, and Water, respectively. Each of these represent the positive, light, cheerful attitude Aang brings to his fights. I also threw Gligar in there because it glides like Aang does several times in the series.

I included Aipom and Wailord because, to me, they represent Aang’s furry companions Momo and Appa. Momo is a Winged Lemur that he found left alone at an Air temple. Aipom seemed like a very appropriate analog for Momo. Now, you might be thinking, “How in the world is Wailord comparable to Appa!?” Appa is an Air Bison that floats is the air and serves as the main mode of transport in the series. Well, for its dimensions compared to its weight, the density of Wailord is SUPER light. This is discussed several places, including here on reddit but for a large mount that could potentially float, Wailord is the best option.

Image result for avatar the last airbender momo


Katara-avatar-the-last-airbender-1356242-720-480 Katara-avatar-the-last-airbender-1356250-720-480

Katara is a Water bender from the Southern Water Tribe. Throughout the series, her skills with water can rival those of masters who have trained for decades.

 dewott  vaporeon  lunatone
Dewott Vaporeon


Katara is seriously deadly with her autonomy over water. She is capable of freezing water instantly and turning the water into razor sharp discs or icicles that are come a point more deadly than a spear. With this vision in mind, I thought Dewott would be a great representative of her power with its move Razor Shell. Vaporeon is about as pure as it gets when it comes to something that is at home in water. Katara is able to gracefully move in and around water, like Vaporeon does. Finally, Lunatone may seem like an odd choice to have on here, but the original Water bender was the Moon. With its gravity, it is able to pull and push the waves and this is how Water benders learned to bend. Lunatone is a perfect Pokemon to show this, especially with its Psychic Powers.


imgres images

Sokka is Katara’s goofy, non-bending, older brother. He grows to be a great warrior throughout the series and is influential in several large battles.

vigoroth marowak bisharp




For Sokka, I chose Vigoroth because I feel it exemplifies the fighting spirit Sokka has. When he fights early in the series, he typically uses a boomerang and a club, which is why Marowak is chosen for him. In the 3rd and final “book” of the series, “Fire”, Sokka forges a sword out of a black meteorite. The Dark/Steel type Bisharp embodies this sword. These Pokemon represent Sokka the best.


Image result for avatar the last airbender toph

Toph is a blind Earth bending master. She teaches Aang the nuances of Earth bending, which is something he finds great difficulty in.

excadrill terrakion regirock




There were so many good choices for Toph. Any Rock or Ground Pokemon would suit her, but the ones I picked fit her particularly well. I had almost went only with Excadrill. In the same manner that Air Bison are correlated to the Air Benders, Badgermoles are correlated to Earth Benders. In fact, Badgermoles are said to be the original Earth Benders. It is for this reason that Excadrill is the best representative of Toph. Not only that, but later in her life, not only does Toph master Earth, but she also becomes a Metal Bender. I included Terrakion because it is a Rock Pokemon that represents Toph’s stubbornness, and Regirock because Toph once made a suit of armor made of the that made her look like Regirock… and also, Regirock might be blind… I think I heard somewhere.

Image result for toph avatar rock armor




The exiled Prince of the Fire Nation who eventually teaches Aang the art of Fire bending. He is hot-headed, to say the least.

infernape poochyena rayquaza
Infernape Poochyena


As mentioned before, Zuko is a hot-head. I can’t think of a better example of a hot-head than Infernape. In fact, for some reason, Ash’s Infernape in the Sinnoh League seems like a perfect example for the rage that burns within Zuko.

Image result for pokemon gif ash's infernape blaze

Despite this fire-osity, Zuko is deeply loyal, even to a fault. During the first book of the series, the only thing he wants to do is to restore his honor in front of his father who banished him. His loyalty to his family extends so far that it’s hidden behind this spoiler warning! It isn’t until he realizes his family is only loyal to themselves and their own personal gain does Zuko break ties with them and joins the Avatar Team. This loyalty is exemplified in Poochyena. Finally, in the middle of Book Three, Zuko and Aang learn Fire bending from the original Fire Bending masters: Dragons (pictured above). These dragons are modeled after Chinese Dragons, like Rayquaza, which is a great analog for the original Fire benders.

Well, folks, there you have it! The Pokemon that I think fit the characters in Avatar the best. I apologize for not including The Legend of Korra, the sequel to Avatar. If you folks like this article, I will probably do that for my next crossover article. But if you have a series you would like to see how we would get it to crossover with Pokemon, please let me know in the comments below. I can’t promise that Whimsicott or I will write about it (I mean, it would have to be a series we have some interest in already), but I am intrigued to hear what things you’re interested in us writing about.

A big thanks to for providing the gifs of the Pokemon. It really livens up that articles, I think!

Until next time,

Smell ya later!

P.S. As I was literally closing up the article and looking for a featured image, I found “Avatar” rules to Pokemon. It’s worth checking out if you want a particular challenge.

P.P.S. I would also add that you can be the Avatar and use Flying, Water, Fire, Ground, or Psychic (maybe Fairy). But maybe only use combinations of those 5 types… Whatever. Play how you want!

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