When people obsess with something such as Pokemon, their minds often wander from the story that is presented. These thoughts are often unique, intriguing, and, in some case, plausible. This is where fan theories come into play. There are almost as many fan theories as there are Pokemon. This week I will discuss some of the fan theories that have intrigued me and the Pokemon community. Not only that I will also rate each of these on how much I want these to be true and how plausible I think these are. One more thing to consider before I begin is that regarding Pokemon, I take most things at face value; I don’t look for any deeper meanings. Many of these theories I found very interesting when I first heard them. (Also, I claim none of these theories, pictures, or videos to be my own.) So, in no particular order…


This is possibly the most popular fan theory in the Pokemon world. The basic idea is that if a Kangaskhan dies, the baby in the pouch wears the mother’s skull and becomes a Cubone. Several online artists have shown how a pallet swap on the baby Kangaskhan does make a striking resemblance to a Cubone. I don’t have a lot to add to this theory except that Game Freak has even alluded to it (maybe)!


Breakout your copy of XY and check out your Central Kalos Pokedex. Right after Cubone and Marowak, you see… Kangaskhan! Not only that, but in Kalos, Cubone and Kangaskhan can only be found in Glittering Cave.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 2.23.11 PM

By no means is this a confirmation of the theory, but it is definitely a nod to it! (Also, on a side note, both of these Pokemon can be found in Rock Tunnel in GSC and HGSS!) While this is the most popular theory, there is another one regarding Cubone’s origins that is more interesting…

How plausible does Snag think this is: 7/10

How much does Snag want this to be true: 8/10


Cubone is an unlit Charmander

This theory is detailed very well in Protomario’s video (he has a whole bunch of Pokemon theories, it would be worth your time to check out his channel).


The basic idea is that without the care of a mother to light its tail, many Charmander would die. But a select few might survive. In order to protect themselves from the elements and other Pokemon, the unlit Charmander dons the skull of its mother and grabs a bone for defense. One of the main attributes of this theory is that the skull of a Charizard resembles the skull atop Cubone’s head more closely than that of Kangaskhan.

How plausible does Snag think this is: 2/10

How much does Snag want this to be true: 6/10


N is a Zoroark

Zoroark are able to mimic the appearance and cries other Pokemon. Could a Zoroark do this with a human? The theory is that in B2W2 your character follows a Zoroark on Victory Road to N’s Castle. The Zoroark gets a pretty good lead on you and you lose sight of it. All of a sudden, N is there waiting for you. Did Zoroark turn into N? This theory is supported because N is so good with Pokemon and can understand what they are saying. He is in favor the liberation of Pokemon from their trainers. Also, they have similarly long hair. It’s a good theory!

How plausible does Snag think this is: 8/10

How much does Snag want this to be true: 7/10


Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar are different things but dead/shadow

Gastly is a Cloyster that died and lost its shell. While the designs are similar, I’m not buying it. Haunter trapped in a Pokeball is Voltorb. If there were any Pokemon that this would happen to, it would be Haunter, and the eyes are the same. I still don’t think that is the case.

Gengar is where it be more interesting. Since Gen 1 (I think), it has been theorized that Gengar is Clefable’s shadow. They have similar design, similar shape, and close to identical height and weight. Heck, just look at this:


It seems like these two Pokemon were designed together in the original process. Maybe the evolutions were designed after these two were thought of…

How plausible does Snag think this is: 9/10

How much does Snag want this to be true: 9/10


The Gengar evolution line is emerging from another dimension


This one is really cool. The idea is that a these ghostly Pokemon are different stages of Gengar emerging through dimensions. First, Gastly is only the eyes and mouth emerging, followed by more of the face and hands with Haunter. Then a full Gengar emerges into this world (I wonder why its evolution happens via trade). Its true form is finally realized in its Mega form. This awesome theory is fully explained in the link below.


How plausible does Snag think this is: 9/10

How much does Snag want this to be true: 10/10


Ditto is a failed attempt at Mew

This is another very popular theory. The entire legend of Mewtwo is that it is a copy or a clone of Mew. I am sure this didn’t happen perfectly on the first try. There were sure to be attempts that didn’t work. The people doing these experiments must have known a few things about Mew, including that it can Transform, its weight and its height. Where can Ditto be found? Cinnebar Island (Yellow) where the experiments were done to create Mewtwo (the “successful” clone) and in Cerulean Cave where Mewtwo resides in Kanto. Oh, and their shiny sprites match.


How plausible does Snag think this is: 9/10

How much does Snag want this to be true: 10/10


Giovanni and Team Rocket were trying to stop Mewtwo

As Mewtwo’s lore goes, it was created by scientists (possibly funded by Giovanni) attempting to clone Mew. As was seen in the anime and the first Pokemon movie, Mewtwo was destructive and Giovanni attempted to harness this. When he no longer had control over Mewtwo, it ran off. Giovanni knew this could potentially be terrible for the world. Now, think about when you encounter Team Rocket in RBY. First its at Mt. Moon, but this doesn’t really fit into the main plot. After that, you find them, probably, in the Celedon Game corner where they have stolen the Silph Scope. Why do you need the Silph Scope? To see Ghost Pokemon in the Pokemon Tower. And that is exactly why Giovanni needed it. Knowing Psychic types are weak to Ghost types, he wanted to catch one to help fight against Mewtwo. Even without the Silph Scope, Team Rocket heads to the Pokemon Tower in hopes of catching a Ghost Pokemon. You ascend Pokemon Tower and encounter Team Rocket at the top, having failed to obtain any Ghost Pokemon. In their last ditch effort, they raid Silph Co in Saffron City in hopes of stealing the Masterball, the item that will catch Pokemon (almost) without fail. You, again, thwart their plans and obtain the Masterball for yourself. Really, throughout these games, you are disrupting Team Rocket’s efforts of saving the world. It really makes you question if Team Rocket was actually evil. Yeah, they were jerks and once Giovanni abandoned his leadership position, they did some pretty bad things. And who know, suppose Giovanni did catch Mewtwo officially, he may have done some terrible things, so maybe you weren’t so bad.

How plausible does Snag think this is: 9/10

How much does Snag want this to be true: 10/10


Ash never ages because he is actually in a coma

Ash has been 10 years old for the last two decades (almost). Some people theorize that the reason this is true is because in the first episode of the anime, when he is attacked by a horde of Spearows, he gets electrified by Pikachu’s attack and has been in a coma ever since. I’ll be blunt… this theory is dumb. Why is Ash still 10? Because he is a cartoon character for children. Like most TV shows for kids, at the end of each episode, the status quo probably hasn’t changed. I know this is a meta way to approach this theory, but that’s the actual reason for it!

How plausible does Snag think this is: 1/10

How much does Snag want this to be true: 0/10


You killed Blue’s Raticate

Here is how the theory goes: you battle Blue with his Raticate on the SS Anne. The next time you see him is in Pokemon Tower where he asks why you are their since you don’t have dead Pokemon. He also no longer fights with his Raticate after this. Some have thought that this implies that you killed Blue’s Raticate in your previous battle. Want to know what I think really happened? Blue boxed his Raticate because it sucked. He has failed several times now and needed to make some changes to his lineup. Granted, in Gen 1, Raticate was decent since it has Super Fang which cut your HP in half. But really, it’s not that great of a Pokemon. You didn’t kill his Raticate, it was just a bad Pokemon competitively.

How plausible does Snag think this is: 3/10

How much does Snag want this to be true: 4/10

There are so many theories I wanted to cover, but I only had time for these. If you want some more Pokemon theories, there are several things you can do. First, tomorrow, the Fluffiest Whimsicott will release her post about her favorite Theories in “The Fluff,” check it out. There are a bunch of YouTubers that do a really good job of covering theories and each one has a unique perspective. I recommend Game Theory, The Gamer from Mars, and, as mentioned before, Protomario. And even though it has been neglected, I will be doing an update to my blog soon (I think I might have a little free time where I can do this) where you can find all of these articles, and more coming soon. I teased this before, but I have a really cool project in the works that you should all enjoy so if you haven’t done so already, please check it out: Snag’s Pokemon Blog

What theories are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

Smell ya later!