Hello PUCLonians! Welcome to this weeks edition of Anything Goes. For some reason, I got this idea in my head that it would be interesting to see what would happen if there were Zombies (or what ever you want to refer to them as) were in the Pokemon world. I have an idea in my head of a rom hack that would have the game progress as it usually would for about 2 badges, and then you randomly encounter an infected (undead) Pokemon. As the game comes to a close there are more and more wild encounters with the infected hordes Pokemon and less and less uninfected Pokemon that are able to be caught on your team. So, the question is, if you were in this world of undead Pokemon, what team of 6 would you employ? If you haven’t done so already, go check out “The Fluff” by the Fluffiest Whimsicott and see which Pokemon she would use to help keep her safe in the Poke-Zombie Apocalypse. Also, at the end of the article, you will have the chance to rate both my team and Whimsicott’s teams and let us know who you’d rather join in the Zombie A-poke-lypse. Also, (and I assume Whimsicott used this rule too) no legendaries because that would be out of the spirit of the article.  Do note, that since a lot of the art work for zombie Pokemon are a bit gruesome and many people will not want to see their favorites depicted in such a way, the only image of undead Pokemon is the Featured Image for this article.

You may notice that many of the Pokemon selected represent an archetype from most popular media for zombies. My first choice is a prime example of this. I pick Scyther.

Image result for scyther

This is number one for sure. I would definitely want something to cut through the decaying bodies as they slowly encroach wanting to consume the flesh of me and my Pokemon. And I definitely wouldn’t evolve it into Scizor. The sharpness of the blade on the arms of Scyther is precisely what is necessary for this job. The bulky clamps of Scizor would be effective, but wouldn’t quite accomplish what I need in a pinch. (Just a thought: I’m not sure how a Steel type would fair in this scenario, as I feel they would be less suseptible to bites/scratches, but I don’t think they would be impervious from the infection.) So, Scyther would be my first choice because it can cut through mindless hordes.

Image result for machamp

Machamp is on my list for multiple reasons. First, having 4 arms that can punch extremely fast (1000 times in 2 seconds) will be great to dispatch of hordes as they approach. Second, the immense strength this Pokemon possesses will be necessary if there are any heavy obstacles in the way that need to be moved. This Pokemon is a must on this team because of its ability to fight multiple Pokemon at once and being able to move obstacles.

The next two on my list are used to help evade the undead armies in case they over come my team.

Image result for sharpedo

Something to bear in mind with this, at least in my head, is that all Pokemon are susceptible to being infected. Even the ocean would be filled with Tentacool that could potentially have the lust for mindlessly attacking a seafaring Pokemon and trainer. For that reason, I would want Sharpedo to surf quickly and not wait around too long in one spot in the ocean. Sharpedo could also be used to go up waterfalls and possibly experience a momentary rest from the attacks.

Along with fast swimmer, I would want a Pokemon that could fly me out of danger, in case I wasn’t near water. There were a bunch of options for this. Initially, I thought something like a Pidgeot or Fearow would be effective, but this is the better choice:

Image result for salamence

Salamence not only has the ability to fly (and being a larger Pokemon, would seem to be comfortable to ride on) but is also a fierce attacker. If this were to be equipped with Flame Thrower or Dragon Claw, it would also aid in fighting against the Zombies.

With the team so far, I need a Pokemon that can attack with range. For the express purpose of Egg Bomb and Bullet Seed, I would have Exeggutor.


Not only that, but this can also be a great defense Pokemon. Depending on what generation you are considering, this Pokemon can learn Light Screen, Protect, and Reflect, all which could be used to deflect the Zombie Hordes.

For the last slot, why not have a Pokemon that is already a zombie on the team.


Remember, Parasect is a bug that had a mushroom plant on its back and eventually took over the Pokemon’s brain and now the fungus is in control of the body. The animal is dead and the plant is controlling it. I would use this to the same effect as Michonne used two nerfed zombies in “The Walking Dead.” I would have this Pokemon out as a sort of camouflage against the zombies. Hopefully, they see one of their own and just pass by without much hassle. Also, Parasect has the attack Struggle Bug which is great in actual Horde battles.

Image result for michonne walking dead

Hm… Now that I look over my list… I have Pokemon that can use Cut, Strength, Surf, Waterfall, Fly… Game Freak wasn’t trying to burden us all of these years with HMs! They were trying to prepare us for the Zombie A-poke-lypse! POKEMON Z COMFIRMED!

What Pokemon would you have on your team for the Zombie A-poke-lypse? Would you make any adjustments to the team that I have? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and make sure you go to the link below to rate my team and Whimsicott’s team for these articles. #teamsnag

Smell ya later!