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Anything Goes: Features to come back for Sun & Moon

Anything Goes: Features to come back for Sun & Moon


Hello again, PUCLonians! Welcome to another edition of Anything Goes!!! Last week, The Fluffiest Whimsicott detailed for you one feature from each generation that she would like to see return for Sun and Moon. Well, I will do the same for my companion piece. For this article, I will only be looking back and not specifically thinking about how these things will tie into what we have seen of the new games already. Some of these things we already know something about, but that still doesn’t change my desire to have them in the games. If fact, my first point is very unlikely to happen.

Generation 1

First, I would like to include a couple honorable mentions for this generation. I know that the Gen 1 games were majorly flawed. There were many things that broke those games. But my favorite of those was the Missingno. glitch. In case you’re not familiar, the Missingno. Glitch allowed you to duplicate items. If you were aware of it, the post game became a bit more interesting.

The other honorable mention is the truck. Near Vermillion City, in the harbor area for the SS Anne, there is a truck that sits on a small piece of land, not even visible through normal game play. The rumor was that Mew was under this truck. Most people know at this point that this rumor is untrue. This isn’t necessarily what I want to return. It’s how you had to get to the truck. If you were going to get to the truck, you needed surf, but you didn’t have it at the point in the game. Also, if the SS Anne has set sail, you weren’t able to get past the ticket checker to get to that area. The only way to access this area was to battle your rival, get cut from the Captain, and then find another trainer to battle and lose to them. By doing this you, the SS Anne wouldn’t leave and you’d respawn in the Pokemon Center. At this point, you could continue with the game, as usual. Then you could get surf and return at a later point. What I want to return are secrets or bonuses that are not easily attainable in regular game play. Maybe not hiding actual Pokemon this way, but maybe an additional Masterball or a cache of nuggets.

The feature I really want to return is a true rival. Not a rival who is your friend or buddy or enjoys your company, but a rival who’s job it is to try to beat you and be one step ahead of you throughout the adventure. We need Gary/Blue/Asshat back as our rival. In all sincerity, with rivals like Lucas or Cheren, it almost make me feel like Gary because I am the person who is always beating gyms, always one-uping them. We need a rival that we don’t necessarily hate, but is adversarial. Now, with what we have seen already, it doesn’t seem like this is going to happen.

Can't you see how devious this guy is!? What a jerk!

Can’t you see how devious this guy is!? What a jerk!

This guy seems like he is incredibly likable. Not the rival I am looking for. But, in the past 3 generations, the have been at least two rivals, each one taking one of the starters you don’t take. Will there be another rival in SuMo? I hope so!

Generation 2

This generation is where these games really hit their stride. So many of the things that were introduced in this game became stables in the series: breeding, day/night cycle, colors (he says as he thinks of what he specifically wants to bring back). I can’t believe I am going to say this… I want roaming Pokemon back. I know there will be people who don’t agree with me but here me out. Think about ORAS and how anticlimactic it was to be GIVEN a Lati(o/a)s. It was simply delivered to you, half way through the game. You didn’t even have to earn its respect by catching it. Now, don’t get me wrong: roaming Pokemon were extremely difficult and unpredictable in generations 2-4. In Gen 2, you couldn’t track the Pokemon until you had randomly seen them, and even at that point you still had to track them. Finding Raikou when I completed my Gen 2 Pokedex was extremely difficult. In Gen 3, I think you also had to encounter Lati(o/a)s before you could track it, and again, to track it, it was a painful hassle. You had to go to your Pokedex to see if it was close, move to another route, open the Pokedex again to see if it was close. If it was on the same route, you the went onto the water to see if you can find it, and if it wasn’t on the same route, you basically had to follow the same steps. Very tedious. Gen 4 wasn’t really any better.

But Gen 5 got roaming Pokemon right. Thundrus/Tornadus would roam in either the north or south part of Unova, but they also changed the weather when they were on the same route as your player character (PC). So, the roaming pokes were contained to half of the map and there was an easy visual cue to let you know it was on the same route as you were. This knowledge was easily exploited, but a very good way to handle roaming Pokemon. And Gen 6 didn’t have any true roaming Pokemon (the legendary birds don’t count). They should bring this back because it made the game and some of the pokes slightly more difficult.

Aw great... It's raining again! I better get inside... No interesting Pokemon will be out today.

Aw great… It’s raining again! I better get inside… No interesting Pokemon will be out today.

After writing this, I thought about it some more, and I realized I wanted something else more… I want to go back to another region. I want to go back and traverse the entire region and collect all of the badges, especially if Alola won’t have the traditional gym battles. I feel like we will be going back to Kalos, but it feels like we will get only a small fraction of the Kalos region to complete the Zygarde story arc. Please let us go back to all of Kalos. Please, Game Freak!

All the badges!

All the badges!

Generation 3

Battle Frontier. Do I need to write more? *checks with other writers* Turns out I need to write more. Battle Frontier is the epitome of in game competitive battling. 7 different facilities, each with a different spin on competitive battling. Why this did not return in ORAS, I can only chalk up to running out of time. They literally did “copy, paste” to the Battle Maison from XY. They came up with a terribly lame excuse that the Battle Maison Leaders were coming to Hoenn for a vacation… So they brought their whole battling facility… Yeah, that makes sense. One of the reasons I wanted to go back to that in ORAS is because competitive battling in RSE was harder to get started with than it is today. I had no clue what significance of Natures and had no idea that IVs or EVs existed. I wanted to remedy that in ORAS, but it never happened. This needs to make a come back, but it seems that the boat has sailed for this opportunity.

A sadly forgotten battle paradise!

A sadly forgotten battle paradise!

Generation 4

I thought about this one for a long time and then the answer was obvious… Playable events! What I mean by this is… During the Pokemon 20th Anniversary, an Event Mythical Pokemon was just given to you via game code or online download. Just handed to you at a Pokecenter… lame. But Gen 4 did this right. In order to get Shaymin, you needed Oak’s Letter, which had Oak call upon you to go to the Flower Paradise where Shaymin could be found, tracked down, and caught. A Member Card also brought you to New Moon Island where Darkrai could be caught. These events were so much more fun than just being given a Pokemon at a Pokecenter.

Flower Paradise. Now this is how you do an event.

Flower Paradise. Now this is how you do an event.

Generation 5

Oh Boy… Gen 5… I am so excited… (if you can’t tell, this section is oozing with sarcasm). What do I want to bring back? Horribly pixelated character designs? Extremely high level evolutions? Bridges? A hard mode for one version of the game and an easy mode for the other? The one thing that has been universally heralded about this Generation is its story. The story in these games had some great philosophical questions about what it really means to be a Pokemon trainer. From what I have seen so far, it does appear as though SuMo is more story oriented, so this is quite likely to happen.

Generation 6

Gen 6 brought in so many great things: Sky Battles, Roller blades, bench sitting… ok so some things weren’t that fantastic, but there are two things in particular that were definite game changers. First, in XY they brought Friend Safaris. These were so cool! You would visit your the main hub and find that each of your friends had a safari with a particular type. You could find so many cool things there! Starters, Dittos, Hidden Ability pokes and not only that, but everyone Pokemon was guaranteed to have 2 perfect IVs. And there was an even better chance to get a shiny. I loved this feature because it was another way that you were able to interact with other people in the Pokemon community. I actively sought out other people so I could get a Ditto Safari.

What will each of these have in store?

What will each of these have in store?

The other feature that was brought in during Gen 6 that was significant was the Dex Nav. With the Dex Nav, you would be able to do a lot of the things you would do with a Friend Safari. The more you searched for a Pokemon in the wild, you would get more information about future searches for the same Pokemon. You could potentially get a visual verification of a Pokemon’s level, Ability, perfect IVs, Egg moves, and more. Really cool and really useful tool, but for my money, I would want to see the Friend Safari return if I had to pick just one.

All of the info before the pokemon is caught!

All of the info before the Pokemon is caught!

P.S. Also bring in some new Megas, please…

Well, folks, that’s all I have for you today! There are so many great features that haven’t made it back into the games since the generation they were introduced. Hopefully a few for these concepts have already made it into the upcoming games. What features do you want to return in SuMo? Please let me know in the comments.

One quick plug for a new feature to the site: if you haven’t had a chance to read the first article of my satire column “The Gloom” you can check it out right here. There isn’t a regular release schedule for this, but I am hoping to have more articles in the near future. Enjoy.

-Prof. Snag