Hello PUCLonians! After a brief departure from a typical opinion article last week (I wrote a story about Bulbasaur, you should definitely check it out!), I am back giving you my thoughts on a given topic, whether you like it or not! This week, Whimsicott and I had a request (which I love by the way, post your requests in the comments) from one of our most faithful readers, Ten Little Men, to write about our favorite Pokemon based on inanimate objects. I haven’t given much thought to this in the past. But after exploring this topic a little further, I am taking a little different spin on the topic than Whimsicott. I am doing my favorite Pokemon based off of inanimate objects and ghosts! Before you get into this article, make sure you head over to “The Fluff” and read which Pokemon Whimsicott chose as her favor ones based off of inanimate objects. Once you’re done with that, come back and read this article!

First, though, I want to touch on some honorable mentions, since this wasn’t originally supposed to be about Pokemon based on inanimate objects in general

Porygon – I had a whole section written up for Porygon before I changed my take on the topic.

Magnemite, Magneton, and Magnezone – An interesting design, especially for early in the series and a nod to News writer and council member, Viger.

Klefki – Steel Fairy is a great type combo and Prankster is an awesome ability, as well.

Litwick, Lampent, and Chandelure


Art by LucasToshio on DeviantArt.

First, Litwick is super adorable. Lampent and Chandelure have very classic sleek designs. I give these Pokemon a pass from my negative bias from Gen V. The theme of different light giving items (all of which can be lit with a candle) is awesome! While it may have seemed like an odd choice, you can’t fault the developers of Pokken Tournament for picking such a cool (well, hot) Pokemon for their game. Also, this is one of Hex Maniac Locke’s, another writer on PUCL, Pokemon!



Rotom technically isn’t based off of an inanimate object. It’s an Electric Ghost. But it can inhabit MANY inanimate objects. Fridge – Check! Fan – Check! Lawn Mower – Check! Oven -Check! Washer – Check! The one thing I would like to see in the future (but probably won’t happen) is to see Rotom expand to more electronics. We could (in theory) have a Rotom for every type (like some people want for Eevee). And some of these are competitively viable. I run Rotom-W from time to time. It would be something for the developers to explore further.


This is so meta! Art by Pokemon-Mento on DeviantArt

Yamask and Cofagrigus


So, Yamask does have the sad distinction being the Pokemon that has to carry its former face along with it in the afterlife, but Cofagrigus is pretty cool. I mean, its a sarcophagus inhabited by the ghost within it! It’s always interesting to see what sources the developers use to base their Pokemon on, and both of these being based on Egyptian death themes. Just an additional though: a potential Mega evolution for this could be what comes out of the coffin… Could be interesting…


Honedge, Doublade, and Aegislash


Art by Tails19950 on DeviantArt

Sword Pokemon! This was such an original idea. I remember first seeing Honedge and thinking, “That’s cool! That’s an novel concept for a Pokemon.” I had even thought, at the time, that this wouldn’t evolve, but then we got the full games for X&Y. We then found out Honedge not only evolved once, but twice! And Aegislash had a huge impact on the Meta Game, to say the least. And the shiny form of Aegislash with it blood-red tip is AWESOME! I kind of want to go shiny hunting for one…

Shuppet and Banette


I have a soft spot in my heart for Shuppet and Banette. Back in Gen III, I wanted to get all of the Contest Ribbons… on one Pokemon. I scoured the internet for a set that might be successful no matter the contest. I found a set for a Destiny Bond Shuppet and that was the Pokemon that help me get all of the Contest Ribbons for Gen III and IV. I also used this Pokemon to get a bunch of other ribbons through out the years. I eventually evolved it into Banette when I heard it could Mega Evolve in contests in ORAS!

Anyway, these Pokemon, especially Banette, are based off of puppets or dolls. Banette is especially spiteful being an old doll discarded by a child. I also like the theory that Shuppet is just a Rotom with Reaper Cloth on it.


Anyway, folks, those are my thoughts on Ghostly Pokemon that inhibit inanimate objects. What are your favorite Pokemon (Ghost type or not) that are based off of inanimate objects? Let me know in the comments.

 Smell ya later.