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Hello PUCLonians! I apologize for the delay with my article, but it has been a very busy last few days. Never the less, I have been contemplating this article for a while and I am ready to share with you what my Mix and Match Pokemon game would look like. Before I do that, I wanted to mention one thing. Due to work and moving, I am going to be very busy for the next several weeks and weekly article will be a challenge for me. So, Whimsicott and I have decided that for the next few weeks, we will continue our format of us both responding to the same topic, but you will only get one article each week. So, next week, Whimsicott will have a new article with a new topic and I will have my take on it two weeks from now. Once my life gets settled a little bit more, we will both return to our regular weekly schedule. So, withouth further ado, here is how I would desgin my own game with existing pieces!


At this time we have 6 regions to choose from and each one has its own little nuances that make it home. Hoenn, of course, is known for its water. Sinnoh has a big mountain in the middle which makes travel between the East and West portion of the region a little awkward (if I remember correctly. It’s been a while since I’ve played a Sinnoh game). Unova being a circle with very little opportunities to deviate from a particular path. But for me, one of the most charming regions is Kalos.

I will admit, part of the appeal of this region is the fact that is one of two regions to be rendered in 3D, for the 3DS. But I feel that my affinity to this region is more than just that. Waterfront vistas, beautiful fields of flowers, mountainous terrain, luminescent caves, a giant sundial, as well as many other unique settings are strewn throughout the setting. I love this region and am hoping that when Sun & Moon come out that the have a back door to Kalos, ala Kanto via Johto.


I love how each of the professors seem to have their own identity (even if subtle) and are distinct from one another. Also, each one has a particular field they studying in regards to Pokemon. For my game, I would have to go with the classic Professor Oak.

Image result for professor oak

He is the definitive Professor, in my opinion. He is definitely the authority on Pokemon, in general. In fact, for the last few year for Halloween, Professor Oak has been my costume. He is definitely the best professor for my game.


Starters can be one of the most important parts of a Pokemon game. Classically, you have the type triangle of Grass, Fire, and Water. For my starters, I would want the best ones out there. Now, that is up to debate, but these are going be some of my favorites and ones that are usually viable competitively (or even too competitive). I would go with Bulbasaur, Torchic, and Froakie.

Untitled drawing

Ideally, I’d like to have a type triangle for the secondary typings (kind of like in Gen VI, but in reverse), but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Also, Froakie would need a Mega Evolution, but I think that is something that would happen in the near future anyway. If I were designing a game from scratch, I would also make the first 3 towns you come to have gyms of the 3 starter types and be interconnected so you can choose a difficulty path that can be altered depending on the starter you choose. (In fact, this is plausible, considering the pinwheel design of the Kalos region). But never the less, each of these are great choices and would be great to start an adventure with.


I like the idea of having two rivals. I like that format, which has existed since Gen IV. But I miss having a rival that isn’t really your friend and kind of a jerk. So, the rivals I would choose are the ones that I think have the most personality, Barry and Blue. (I kind of wish they were wearing jeans…)


File:Platinum Barry.png


File:FireRed LeafGreen Blue.png

Barry would be the rival that would choose (or be left with) the Pokemon weak to your starter type and Blue would pick the one that is strong to the starter you choose. Blue would always show you animosity while Barry would always be friendly and helpful (he’d probably even heal your Pokemon after the battle). You’d all have the same goal of becoming league champion, and maybe, just for once, you’d all “qualify” to be champion. More on this idea to come.

Gym Leaders

There are so many good gym leaders. There are a few duds, as well, but a lot of good options. The way I would have someone encounter the gyms might be a little different than past games. In stead of having an loosely followed order (Quick aside: did you know in Kanto, you can battle Surge, Erica, Koga, Sabrina, and Blaine in almost any order? The only caveat is that you must fight Koga prior to Blaine), I would have you be able to battle the first 3 gyms in whatever order you want. Early in the game, based on the starter you choose, there would be some sort of a guide that would say, “If you want an easier path, battle the first 3 gyms in this order… If you want a moderate challenge, battle the gyms in this order… And if you really want a challenge, battle them in this order…” That way it becomes a little more customizable. Also, the first 4 gyms would be elemental and the last 4 would be in the more mental/spectral vein (I really don’t have a good definition for this, but you’ll see what I mean). Even with the last 4 gym leaders, I would like to have the player be able to battle them in almost any order.

Gyms 1-3










Gym 4

Dragon – Drayden


A brief explanation on this: As Drayden is a Dragon type leader, this type will resist each of the starting types. This will force the player to either level up the starter to an extremely high level, or have an appropriately diverse team. I would also ensure that there are level appropriate Fairy types in the game around or prior to this gym and give the player access to some Ice TMs prior to this.

Gyms 5-8














I think each of the final 4 gym leaders will provide a challenge to the player. Also, there has never been a Dark Gym leader, but I feel like Grimsey would fit the role of a gym leader better than of an Elite 4 member. (And yes, I did steal this from the Unova Elite 4.)

Elite 4






Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.05.43 AM







Each of the trainers above have a bit of clout to their names. Some would need to have a type reassignment, but nothing is extremely different from what they already do, such as Agatha moving to Poison and Diantha moving to Fairy. I also really like the idea of a Normal Elite 4 member, and Norman is a fantastic trainer to fill that role.


As mentioned before, maybe both of your rivals and you qualify to face the champion. So, maybe there would be some sort of round robin tournament with the champion. I foresee that this round robin tournament would always look like this: Barry, sadly, loses to everyone. Blue beats Barry, but loses to the Champion and you. And in order to make it as dramatic as possible, after you have beaten your two rivals, as has the Champion, you have one final match to decide who is the Champion, which you as the protagonist will ultimately win. So, who will this Champion be? Cynthia!

File:Diamond Pearl Cynthia.png

Definitely one of the best battlers and difficult matches in the series of games, Cynthia would be a fantastic Champion and a great challenge for the final match.

Evil Team

Most evil teams have their story wrapped up by the end of each game. So, in my game, they would need to have some new motivation. I feel that if a team from another region were to infiltrate another region, they would have to stick out like a sore thumb. It would have to be obvious they were there. So, what team would seem out of place in Kalos? Plasma!

In a region that is obsessed with fashion and style, these grunts would be so obvious. I could even see Team Flare joining up with out remove this abomination to fashion from the region.


I had wanted to put in a legendary Pokemon into my game, but when I was thinking about this, most legendaries are designed with the specific region in mind and the over philosophy of the game. With that in mind, I would keep Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygrade as the main legendaries. But I do think Kalos is missing a good true set of “sub”-legendaries. I feel like the Legendary Beasts, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, would feel at home in this region. Oh, and they would be TRUE roaming Pokemon. Not like the Legendary Birds in Kalos, where you follow them 10 times and then they battle you. No, you will encounter them early in the game (so you can actually track them in your Pokedex) and after that, it is up to you to catch them by encountering them. I miss that challenge from Gen II-IV (Gen V doesn’t count, there is an exceedingly easy way to encounter Tornadus and Thudurus).

Post Game and Extras

In addition to the main game, I would want include a few extras and how they would work in the game. I have always been a fan of contests. I have a Banette that has all of the contest ribbons from all of the possible generations. So, the game that I would make would have contests of all varieties. There is a surprising progression through the generations, actually. First, there are standard Contests from RSE and ORAS. This would be the first step in the cycle. After some level of success in the Contests, you qualify for the Super Contests (now with DANCE MOVES) a la Sinnoh. Again, after some success in the contests, and agent contacts you and wants you in the Pokemon Musical and eventually after success on the stage, you are asked to be in movies in the Kalos version of Pokestart Studios.

Also, there needs to be a battle facility in the post game. I would make the ULTIMATE battle facility. I would use the Battle Frontier as a basis, but expand.

Battle Frontier Map.png
  • Battle Tower
  • Battle Palace
  • Battle Factory
  • Battle Dome
  • Battle Pyramid
  • Battle Pike
  • Battle Arena

Basically anything that isn’t redundant would be included. I don’t remember all of the details but I would ensure that the additional pieces for the Sinnoh Battle Frontier would be there, Pokemon World Tournament, and the necessary aspects of the Battle Maison. And I would also make sure you could do the obscure battles too, such as Sky Battles, Bride Battles, and Inverse Battles. So if you want to do battling, you have an almost endless amount of options.

Well, thank you for reading! This has been a really fun article to write. What would your own Pokemon game look like? Is there something I forgot about? Let me know in the comments! If you haven’t done so already, read last weeks edition of The Fluff by The Fluffiest Whimsicott where you can see what her perfect game would be like. And don’t forget about the new schedule for the next few weeks!

Smell ya later!

Prof. Snag

Prof. Snag is a regular cohost of the PUCL Podcast as of September 2016. He began as a writer of the "Anything Goes" series of opinion articles and occasionally writes "The Gloom," a satire series. As of December 2016, he began hosting PUCL Game Corner, a Pokemon Game Show.

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