Hello PUCLonians! Prof. Snag is back with a brief article. I am gearing up for traveling for PUCLcon. From today through Monday, I will travel about a total of 28 hours and I will need something to help keep me alert at the wheel. One of the best ways to do this is to listen to classic episodes of PUCL and I have curated a list of episodes that are great and are the epitome PUCL. I have tried to select a variety of shows to satiate the listening desires of almost anyone. So, whether you have several hours of travel to arrive in Ohio or have to stay home and experience PUCLcon from home, please enjoy this list of episodes.


115 – Pokemon X and Y Initial Reactions: Thatch recommended this one as it was one of the driving forces for what modern PUCL is.
Broadcasters for a Cure Live show
 (found between Episodes 177 and 178)
183 – Freeform Show: Things that Annoy us: Thatch, Misty, Beorn, Whimsicott, and Shamu discussed things that annoyed them, as well as many other things.
189 – PUCLcon 2015
241 – PUCLcon 2016
TCGcast 10: Jushiro, Sublime and Scron discuss the 2016 rotation and then Jushiro interviews Paul Johnston.
Movie Club 10 – Origins
Battle Cast 2 – OU Overview
Game Corner 5