Anything Goes: Ranking Regions that Require a Revist


Hello PUCLonians, welcome to another edition of Anything Goes. Last week, Whimsicott started out tag team articles with her thoughts on which regions needed a remake or revisit. I have yet to read that article, as not to spoil my own article, but I would definitely suggest checking out her article of “The Fluff” to find out her thoughts on things that need a revisit sooner rather than later. I will be ranking the regions, from least needed to most needed, for a revisit.

7. Alola

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Well, this game isn’t even out yet so it is in least need of a revisit.  We have to go there first.

6. Hoenn

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This is the current game. The one criticism I have about this game is that it should have had the Battle Frontier included, but other than that, this is A-Okay by me.

5. Johto

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I have recently come to the opinion that HeartGold/SoulSilver are nearly perfect Pokemon games. Stunning visuals for a DS game (better than Gen V, if you ask me), a faithful remake of the all three Gen II games, revisiting Kanto, the ability to catch legendaries like Mewtwo, the Legendary Birds, and even things from Gen III, like Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza. This game is beautiful and fantastic. While I would LOVE, LOVE, <3<3<3, LOVE to see this region in stunning 3D, this needs the treatment the least.

4. Kalos

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Kalos was deemed my favorite region in an article I wrote several months ago. It may be partially because these were the first games in 3D (which helps). Beautifiul cities with wonderful attractions (the Clocktower, the Sun Dial, the Water Museum), wonderful waterfront vistas, and tons of flowers and gardens! I loved this region and I have considered a replay in X version as I started in Y. But what I want more than replaying through Y is to replay through Z! I’ve said before that I am a math guy (I teach it) and I love patterns. Every generation has had some sort of 3rd version: Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, Black 2/White 2. The hopes for a 3rd  version were dashed when SuMo was announced, but there is still a possibility for a revisit. In the same way that XY was an echo of Gen I, I really hope that SuMo will be an echo of Gen II and that Zygarde portion of the storty will allow us to revisit Kalos. Ideally, it would allow us to go to the entire region and battle all of the gym leaders of Kalos, but I imagine if we get to revisit Kalos at all, it will only be a small portion, like 20% of the region in the East (where Zygarde resides). Here’s hoping!

3. Kanto

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Where the series began! Now, technically, a Kanto based game has been made least recently, all the way back in Gen III in 2004. Granted, we did get to go to Kanto in HGSS, but to be honest, that’s more of a Kanto lite. You have simplified versions of Viridian Forrest, Mt. Moon, and Cinnabar Island as well as Safari Zone being removed. I know on the podcast Thatch has suggested a revisit of Kanto in like a Red 2/Blue 2 game that take place in Kanto but are in almost no way related to the first 2 generations of games. A different story set in the same location. I would even love to see a Kanto prequel that follows the story line of Professor Oak, like the fan rom-hack called Generation 0. This generation not only needs a remake to 3D, but needs a full reboot of the story.

2. Sinnoh

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This Gen IV region is becoming forgettable in the pantheon of games. When Alola comes out, it will be literally the “middle child” of the Pokemon generations. Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum (DPP) are interesting games but haven’t aged well in the decade it has been since the were released. With that in mind, there are some seriously awesome scenes from the generation that could playout in 3D. The encounters with Dialga/Palkia, the Distortion World (!!!), Arceus at the top of Spear Pillar (like it was supposed to be),

"Dodogyuuun! I am your pixelated god! Wait until I am reborn in glorious 3D."
“Dodogyuuun! I am your pixelated god! Wait until I am reborn in glorious 3D.”

and the entire region in general would be stunning in 3D! There is hardly any other region I would prefer to see redone in 3D… except…

  1. Unova

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This game… I find this game to be polarizing for me. These games came out months before the 3ds was released. Black and White pushed the technology to its limits and maybe pushed a little too far. As I said before, HGSS was nearly perfect and had stunning visuals, and yet, the Unova games seemed to take a step back. They were trying to make the Pokemon move and seen more lively. In doing this, it made the Pokemon look more pixelated and really just terrible.

Image result for pokemon 5th gen game play
Look at how terrible this looks…
…compared to this!

Gen V came out in a really awkward time in the technology cycle. If the 3DS came out a year earlier or these games came out a year later, I feel like I would have loved these games nearly as much as I love the Kalos games because of the 3D application. They tried to do this as best as they could given the DS technology but came a little short in execution. I would love to see these games done in real 3D. Unfortunately, this region will probably be revisited after we go to Kanto and Sinnoh again, making this region at the top of my list for remakes and at the bottom of the list of my most liked games.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I really appreciate you reading and love hearing your comments! Please share your thoughts and tell me what region you would like to go back to in a remake or a revisit. Also, in the near future, there will hopefully be a slight change coming here. I’ll leave you in suspense for now.



Prof. Snag

Prof. Snag is a regular cohost of the PUCL Podcast as of September 2016. He began as a writer of the "Anything Goes" series of opinion articles and occasionally writes "The Gloom," a satire series. As of December 2016, he began hosting PUCL Game Corner, a Pokemon Game Show.

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