Hello PUCLonians and welcome back to another edition of Anything Goes! The new Pokemon games Sun & Moon (SuMo) came out last week and the entire community is all a buzz. I have been playing since the games came out but not to the same veraciousness as some of the other members of PUCL. In fact, at the time of writing this, I only have 2 Z-crystals from the story line, but at least I am off of the first island! This week’s article will be a little unstructured as I give my reactions to the game so far and talk about the anticipations I have for the upcoming events.

I have been progressing through the game slowly but surely. I have been playing for a few hours each night and I enjoying it quite well. This game feels like it is taking a lot longer to progress than most other games, but this is also the most fleshed out world a Pokemon game has ever had. And everything comes together so well, it all feels very organic. From PokeRide to berries on the ground to the Island Trials, every piece of this game feels like it naturally belongs in this world. I literally just started the Water Trial and it flowed together so perfectly from what was happening previously. So much thought and detail.

I love the little things in this game. I love how Pokemon Refresh works (though I do miss the mini game that you could play in Gen VI). I love feeding my Pokemon a Pokebean after a well fought battle and I love the cafe in the PokeCenters! I make sure that I go there daily and buy some sort of fantastically punny drink and stock up on some Pokebeans for my Pokemon. This all seems really great!

And this game is actually difficult. Maybe I am just a scrub like Thatch, but Totem battles and SOS battles make the game that much more challenging. Once you think you have one Pokemon taken care of, another one shows up to ruin your day and turn the tide of the battle. This is an expected part of the game at this point, but puts a high level of unpredictability into the play of the game.

The experience of this game has been very interesting for me. I started playing Sun, while my daughter, Snagorina, is just old enough to start her own adventure in Moon. With a series of thing delaying my time to play, Snagorina is actually ahead of me in the game! So, when she gets stuck or has trouble, I don’t have an answer for her. It is so much fun to have this sense of discovery within the game not only for myself, but for her as well.

I have tried to stay as unspoiled on this as I can. I have not looked up nothing on Bulbapedia, or watched let’s plays or anything of that nature. I am trying to experience this as purely as possible. So when something levels up or I find out something interesting about a new Pokemon, it is truly fascinating. I keep hearing about how Charjabug is going to evolve and I can only say I am intrigued!

I can’t wait to finish the game and see what the Elite 4 will be like. I can’t wait to see and catch the legendaries, the Island Guardians and the Ultra Beasts. There is so much more to discover… Well, I had better go keep playing so I can tell you my overall reactions in two weeks!

Thank you all for reading! I am sorry that I didn’t have more to offer for the article at this point, but I will have some more PUCLicious content for you soon!

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~Prof. Snag