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Hello again, PUCLonians! Welcome to another edition of Anything Goes. This week I have the opportunity to do an independent article, as my writing collaborator, The Fluffiest Whimsicott, has been on a vacation and some well deserved relaxation. You can expect another edition of “The Fluff” next week.

This week, PUCL’s annual Summer League came to a close and a new champion has been crowned! In this article, I will give you a brief summary of the gym leaders, a few of our competitors and a description of the final battles as the road to find a new champion was traveled!

In this year’s Summer League, we had 9 talented and challenging gym leaders for our community members to face. From the 2015 Summer League, we had three returning gym leaders, Dr. Shamu, Thatch, and Gator. We even had two of the battlers form last year’s Summer League tournament, Winmor and Hanakane, as leaders as well. The rest of the team was rounded out by Hex-Maniac Locke and Captain Gravy, members of our writing team, as well as Minor Manectric and Ten Little Men. In total, the gym leaders issued 67 badges this year, markedly less than the 90 that we issued last year. As a member who competed in both leagues, I would say I had more difficulty with the leaders this year, compared to last. Our stingiest gym leaders were Dr. Shamu and Ten Little Men who issued 4 badges a piece, while our competitors took advantage of Captain Gravy and Hanakane taking 10 badges from each of those leaders (although, I did have to battle Hanakane at least 4 times to earn my Primal Badge).

We had a total of 19 competitors go home with at least 1 badge. We had some very determined competitors coming from various histories of competitive battling. Uncle Oshawott, a new member to our community who was featured in an issue of Captain Gravy’s “Trainers of Kanto”, is relatively new to the competitive scene, but still managed to beat 4 of our leaders. Major props also go to Mr. Sniffles. He started collecting badges half way through the season and was still able to win 5 badges, just barely missing out on the 6 badge requirement for the tournament. In the end, we did have 4 competitors reach the 6 badges goal. R. Sigma, the 2016 PFTT Champion, and Dennis the D.D.G Maniac managed to secure 6 badges a piece. Roughly halfway through the season, Christopher was able to obtain 8 badges and the last competitor was able to secure all 9 badges, being the first competitor to win 3 of the badges. The reason I know this is because that competitor was, yours truly, Prof. Snag.

With the competitors determined, the tournament was set by Dr. Shamu: Dennis was set to face off against Christopher and I got to challenge R. Sigma. Unfortunately, due to scheduling issues, Dennis was unable to battle Chistopher and had to forfeit. So, the only semi-final match that occurred was between myself and R. Sigma. A battle of PUCLcon roommates was about to go down. I brought a mix of Pokemon that were good to me in the past and a few new faces: Landorus-T, Mega Gardevior, Heatran, Rotom-W, Chansey, and Dragonite. R. Sigma brought Rotom-W, Magnezone, Mega Latios, Jirachi, Weavile and Garchomp.

Here a few highlights of the match. It was set to be best 2 out of 3. The leads were Landorus and Garchomp (setting up Stealth Rocks). Later in the match, Snag’s Dragonite used Outrage to take out the Garchomp, but a switch into Weavile using Icicle Shard was enough to take out the threat. Snag was able to get a nice Volt Swtich from his Rotom to Sigma’s, eventually going down to Lando-T. Ultimately, Mega Latios was able get a Dragon Dance off, miss a Will-o-wisp from Rotom-W and finish off the rest of Snag’s team, in match 1.

Match 2 saw a few changes. Snag led off with Dragonite this time, properly anticipating the lead of Garchomp. Garchomp again set up Stealth Rocks but was taken out by Outrage, but it left possibly the critical damage on Dragonite as it broke the Marvel Scale with its rough skin. Much as it had in the previous match, Weavile came in with Icicle Shard taking out the Dragonite. After a few rotations of Pokemon, Weavile was able to Knock Off Chansey’s Assault Vest exposing the vulnerable pink skin of the tank, eventually making it faint. Sigma’s Rotom got a significant burn onto Snag’s Landorus making it half effective as it usually is. Between Magnezone and Jirachi using the Volt-Turn strategy, they were able to take out Snag’s Gardevior, but not without Mega Gardevior hitting on a Focus Blast to take out the Magnezone. But, much like the first battle, Mega Latios was able to get a Dragon Dance off and finish off the remainder my team. R. Sigma advanced to the final with a 2-0 victory. If you would like to see the battles for your self, the codes are listed below. I hope, in the near future, to have an unofficial 3rd place battle with Dennis the D.D.G. Maniac, who was also featured in the most recent article of Gravy’s “Trainers of Kanto”.

Match 1: NQ7W-WWWW-WW4Z-JWZ3


So, the Championship was between two excellent battlers: R. Sigma and Christopher! As per the Summer League rules, R. Sigma brought the same team as before and Christopher’s team was as follows: Mega Scizor, Tyranitar, Azumarill, Volcarona, Hydreigon, and Tentacruel. Garchomp was again R. Sigma’s lead and Christopher started with Tentacruel. Garchomp went to town on Christopher’s team. An Earthquake took out Tentacruel, Outrage eliminated Hydreigon. While Azumarill stopped the Outrage, another Earthquake quickly disposed of it. Christopher’s Mega Scizor was finally able to take the Life Orbed Garchomp down. HP Fire on Sigma’s Magnezone was able to bring the Mega Scizor down. After a missed Hydro Pump from Rotom-W, a Quiver Danced Volcarona was able to take down Sigma’s chance of winning the first round, making Rotom, Jirachi, Magnezone, Weavile, and Latios all fall in succession.

In the second match, Sigma led with Garchomp and Chistopher started with Hydreigon. Sigma did not like that match up so he let the Magnezone take the Draco Meteor. Later in the match, Garchamp was set to return, taking out Mega Scizor with and Earthquake. Sigma’s Rotom wash was able to finish off Hydreigon with a combination of burn damage and Volt Switch. Later the match, R.Sigma’s Latios was able to set up a Dragon Dance to take out Tyranitar, but we stopped by a Play Rough by Azumarill. Christopher’s Azumarill went down to a Volt Switch from Rotom-W and Weavile was able to finish off Tentacruel and Volcarona giving the 2nd round to R. Sigma. The championship match was heading to a 3rd match as a tie breaker!

The leads of the final match were the same as the second battle, but Sigma put Rotom in to take the Draco Meteor. Christopher’s Mega Scizor met a similar fate to what it did in the first round, being taken down by Magnezone’s HP Fire. In retaliation, Christopher’s Volcarona got off a Quiver Dance and took out Magnezone and did significant damage to Garchomp bringing it down to 1 HP with a Bug Buzz! That was enough of a window for Garchomp to get and Earthquake off, taking out the Fire-Bug, and fainting itself due to the Life Orb. Latios was able to Mega evolve and get a Dragon Dance off, boosting its speed and Attack. With this, Latios took out Tentacruel with Earthquake, Hydreigon with Outrage, and another Outrage onto Tyranitar before falling to kaiju-like Pokemon’s Crunch. The damage left by Mega Latios allowed Jirachi to take Tyranitar out with a U-turn. The end of the battle was tense! Sigma’s Rotom entered the Sandstorm left by Tyranitar followed by Christopher’s Azumarill. Rotom chipped away at Azumarill with Volt Switches. In the mean time, Azumarill was able to take out Weavile with a Play Rough. Sigma’s Jirachi was able to deal the final blow with an Iron Head to Azumarill. R. Sigma is the PUCL 2016 Summer League Champion. As with the semi-final match, if you want to see the battles, blow by blow, the codes are listed below. Clearly, Garchomp hanging on early in the match was a significant turning point in the match. Without this, I don’t know if there would have been anything to stop the rampaging Volvarona.

Match 1: FG5G-WWWW-WW4N-T8XE

Match 2: 62YW-WWWW-WW4N-T88C

Match 3: RAZW-WWWW-WW4N-T896

Another Summer League is in the books! I hope everyone enjoyed this season as much as I did. If you would like to view a spreadsheet of some of the stats for the Summer League including complete badge distribution and a list of each gym leader’s Pokemon, check out the Google doc here. Until next time…

-Prof. Snag

Prof. Snag

Prof. Snag is a regular cohost of the PUCL Podcast as of September 2016. He began as a writer of the "Anything Goes" series of opinion articles and occasionally writes "The Gloom," a satire series. As of December 2016, he began hosting PUCL Game Corner, a Pokemon Game Show.

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