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Anything Goes: SuMo HYPE! 6 Pokemon I am excited to use in Sun & Moon!

Anything Goes: SuMo HYPE! 6 Pokemon I am excited to use in Sun & Moon!


Alola, PUCLonians! Welcome to another edition of Anything Goes! The hype is palpable! As of this article being published, Sun and Moon are less than 100 hours from being available! It is very close. Unfortunately, Game Freak has found it necessary to reveal nearly every Pokemon, both new Pokemon and Alolan forms, to us before the games release. But in light of that, I am able to do a bit of an analysis and form what I think will be a really fun team. So below are the Top 6 Pokemon I am exited to use in Pokemon Sun and Moon (well, really Sun, since that is the game I will main).


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When the Alolan starters were released, all of the internet was excited about Rowlet. I thought, sure, it’s cute, but it’s too main steam. Everyone is picking Rowlet. So, never wanting to follow the crown, I was on Team Litten. But then Dartrix was released… And I thought it looked kind of cool, but was still thinking Torracat would have been a viable option. Let’s wait to see the final evolutions. And then Decidueye (or as I am going to nickname mine, Decidudye) was revealed. Game over. This is the one. Grass/Ghost being a super cool typing and the design of all three of these is impeccable. This is definitely the started I am excited to start with.







This selection might be based on the cleverness of the name alone, but Bewear is really intriguing. This Normal/Fighting type may end up being a dud, but the idea that it just wants to give you a big hug and end up killing you is kind of sweet. I feel like “Lennie” (Of Mice and Men) might be a good name for one of these guys.

Tapu Koko







Tapu Koko seems like and Island Guardian that you might be able to obtain relatively early in the game. Of the Tapus, Tapu Koko seems to have the best design (which is why they probably led with it) and looks like it would be lots of fun to battle with. Also, the Electric/Fairy typing, while not unique, is a compelling one to try out and Electric Surge seems to be a really good ability.

Type: Null/Silvally

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I am actually a little surprised Type: Null has an official evolution. It’s original description was really appealing with the sense that the helmet on its head was suppressing its power and speed. I recall one article where I said I could only imagine what it would be like if the helmet was removed… Well, I guess we can find out! Silvally appears to be a Pokemon that was pieced together (which, to be honest, it is likely that is what it is) but its RKS System ability makes it very versatile. Not only that, these Pokemon seem to be a lite version of Arceus. How can you not like that!?

Alolan Marowak







I know there is already a Ghost Pokemon on this list, but this one is really compelling. Marowak going from a Ground type to a Fire/Ghost is a big jump, but it is a great direction for this Pokemon. Emulating fire dancers that I assume exist in Alola, this Pokemon’s design is definitely inspired. I’m not sure if the Ghost Typing has any relation to the original story line of RBY or if it is intended to be a spiritual aspect to the Fire dancers (I suspect the latter), but it is a very nice touch!

Alolan Sandshrew/Sandslash






I’m not necessarily a fan of either of these Pokemon in their original form, but the Ice/Steel typing is unique and compelling enough. Granted, it has a 4x weakness to Fire and Fighting (stay way from the starters from Gen III-V) but outside of that, its a pretty good defensive Pokemon (at least for the play through of the story portion of the game).

Will these Pokemon be my final team for the game? Unlikely. As the game progresses, there may be several surprises to come with the Pokemon and I will decide on my team as the game unfolds, but these are ones that I will definitely be on the look out for!

If you haven’t done so already, check out The Fluffiest Whimiscott’s take on this topic with her article from “The Fluff” which came out yesterday! What Pokemon are you excited to use in the upcoming games? Let me know in the comments! And enjoy the release of these new games and a new adventure in Alola!

-Prof Snag