Hello PUCLonians! I hope you all are enjoying your start to summer (unofficially). Last week, Whimsicott ranked her favorite Elite 4 members. I will do the same by picking out my top 5 and telling you why I think they are the best.

5. Drasna


First of all, I would like to say that I really like the Kalos Elite Four. Lots of great personalities in comparison to other generations. In researching this article, I realized that most of the Elite Four members are kind of boring. But the Kalos Elite Four are some of my favorites. Of these trainers, Drasna seems to be the most chill Elite Four. While she is an Elite Four member, when she battles you it’s like she’s having tea with a guest. Check out this quote from her before you battle her, taken from her Bulbapedia page:

“Oh goodness, hello to you! Welcome, welcome, come in. You must be a strong Trainer. Yes, quite strong indeed… That’s just wonderful news! Facing opponents like you and your team will make my Pokémon grow like weeds!”

She is just so welcoming and encouraging. I love how someone with this attitude became a top competitor in the Pokemon world.

4. Grimsley

I have commented many times before that I do not like 5th gen, over all. But Grimsley is cool. He is the perfect Dark type expert. He exudes confidence and a flippant attitude that makes it seem like he has no time for you.

“Man oh man… What is going on today? Challengers coming one right after another. Well, no matter. I am Grimsley of the Elite Four, and I will fulfill my duty to be your opponent.”

It’s like, “Oh, I have SOO many challengers… I guess I can battle you, too.” He has style and stands out as a superiorly designed member of the Elite 4 and a better aspect of the entirety of Gen V.

3. Drake

Drake has a lot of things going for him. He is a Dragon type trainer, which is always a challenge, especially pre-Fairy type. His team has many Pokemon you would not have encountered in the regular run of the game. He has 2 Flygon, which are immune to Ground attacks and a Salamence. If you didn’t bring an Ice type Pokemon or something with an Ice Beam, this battle would be really hard for you. I picked Drake mostly because of his design. He has the aesthetic of an old retired captain, possibly of a pirate ship. Pretty sweet.

2. Karen

Karen made it on this list for a couple of reasons. First, she was the first official Dark type master (Gym Leader or Elite 4) that was introduced in the series. If you were like me and leaned on Alakazam for beating the Gen I Elite Four, Karen was a pretty rude awakening, needing other support Pokemon to help out with battling her. Not only was she the first Dark type Elite Four member, but she has one of the most iconic quotes in the series of Pokemon (which is featured in the picture above). For some reason, I had this misattributed to Agatha, but finding out that it belongs to Karen, bumped her up in my book.

1. Lance

The Elite Four member turned into Champion. Lance is a true Dragon master. A lot of people comment on how Lance cheats because he has under-leveled Dragonite and Dragonite that also learns moves not typically learned by that species. I do not see this as cheating. As demonstrated in the Pokemon Adventures manga, Lance is simply an amazing trainer with an innate ability to work with Pokemon, Dragons specifically. In any of the games that he has appeared in, Lance is always a true challenge and difficult to beat. Lance is the best of the best.

I found it really interesting that for this article I happened to pick only Dark and Dragon Elite Four members. Who are your favorite Elite Four members? Let me know in the comments. If you haven’t done so already, check out Whimsicott’s article and see who she things are the best Elite Four members. I think you’ll find some common threads between the articles.

Smell ya later.