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Anything Goes: Where to start? (Starter Evolutions for Sun & Moon)

Anything Goes: Where to start? (Starter Evolutions for Sun & Moon)


Hello PUCLonians and welcome to another edition of “Anything Goes”! Last week, Whimsicott ranked her Top 5 gimmick Pokemon. I will be doing a follow up to this article with my own Top 5 gimmick Pokemon, but that is going to wait for another week. Right now, I need to react to the starter evolutions that were revealed early last week. If you haven’t see the trailer, make sure you check it our here. Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.



So, when the starters were revealed, I kind of shunned Rowlet. Not because it was bad. I didn’t feel strongly about any of the Pokemon. Except not liking Popplio; it’s cute but not really my cup of tea. I didn’t want to join #TeamRowlet because it seemed like that was the most popular choice. I was driven away. But after seeing the most recent trailer… Dang… Dartrix looks pretty sweet. It throws sharp feathers at its opponents! And that hair flip! (see 0:14 of the trailer) It’s really the starter with the most personality, at this time. I will wait until I see the final evolutions before I decide on my starter, because you have to look at that Pokemon’s backside for at least 70% of the experience, but the Rowlet line is looking promising.


I had to look at this for the majority of Gen 1.

I had to look at this for the majority of Gen 1.




Oh, man. What happened here? Litten, you were so promising. You could have been so cool, but now you’ve turned into a bland undergrown tiger with no personality. I suppose this seems like the next logical conclusion of what Litten is, but this design falls flatter than soda that sat out over night, in my opinion. Now, listen, Litten, well Torracat… You still have a chance. You have one more evolution to get things right. Don’t mess it up.



This line is still completely unappealing to me. I hate to be so blunt, but both Popplio and now Brionne do not interest me in the least. I know there are some people who find this line to be really cool, and if that’s what gets you going, more power to you. But to me they both look really derpy. In fact, I would say that Brionne is suffering from what I call the Quilladin effect.

The derpy is strong with this one.

The derp is strong with this one.

The Quilladin effect is this: Chespin – cool and cute starter, good work Game Freak. Chesnaught – awesome design, even made me pick to the Chespin line as my first Pokemon in Y. Quilladin – WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?! WHAT IS THIS!? This is not cute! This is not cool! This is not BA! What is this!?

This seems to be the path that Brionne is taking. But, that means there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And the end of this tunnel looks really bright.


Below is a picture of a leaked photo of potential final evolutions of the Sun & Moon. This picture has lined up with the information that has been released thus far. If these are the final evolutions, I can definitely see the connection from the middle evolutions.

imgres-1 imgres-2images-1Even though I am not too keen on the middle evolutions of Litten and Popplio, each of these final evolutions, I could live with. I can get past the derpiness and level these Pokemon up to ~35 and play with them for the rest of the game. With this in mind, I am leaning toward the Rowlet line at this time, but I will wait for the official final evolutions to decide. But, let’s be honest, I could just trade with my second copy of the game and start with all 3! #TeamAllThreeStarters

Well, folks, with SuMo releasing in roughly 6 weeks, which starter are you leaning towards? What do you like or dislike about these Pokemon? Let me know in the comments below!

And you will likely see another article from me next week in response to the Gimmick Pokemon article. Until then…

-Prof. Snag