Beorn’s Splash: Explosion

Greeting PUCL! Welcome to another exciting article of Beorn’s Splash. This week I discuss one of my favorite Pokemon moves Explosion/ Self-Destruct!


Recently, I began toying around with ideas for my Summer League team, and I kept coming back to the idea of a Self-destruct/ Explosion team. Basically, about half the team would have one of these moves, or a comparable move like a Prankster with Destiny Bond. While I understand its not a particularly strong strategy, something about it seems extremely fun to me, so I am going to attempt to break apart and examine my love affair with sacrificial exploding Pokemon :).

First, I love the potential these moves have to mess with an opponent. Often, a Pokemon is on someone’s team for a reason. Lots of Pokemon have special spots in both the competitive orientation of the  team, as well as the heart of the trainer. This exploding theme; however, completely works against this. I have 3 Pokemon, whose entire job is to jump out and take someone with them. I expect them to faint quickly, my opponent; however, may not feel the same about who ever I take down with me :). Its the ultimate laughing moment, when I blow up my Golem, unconcerned, taking out my opponent’s healer, much to their horror! It also has the very funny side effect of suddenly all my team needs to be viewed with suspicion, if I am willing to sacrifice one Pokemon from my team will more have such a move?

Second, many of my favorite board games and video games are strategy games, often with a human interaction element. An essential part of any strategy game is using all the tool at your disposal to out think and out maneuver opponents. Feints and sacrificial units play an important role in this maneuvering.  This constant guessing game, and cloak and dagger movement is one of my favorite parts of this style of game, so naturally I enjoy bringing such themes to my Pokemon battles.

Can I take out an essential piece of my opponent’s team with a well timed Explosion? Will my opponent see the baited switch I have sent them to get a well placed Explosion? Even though 75% of the time it fails, 25% of the time (or maybe even less) this works well, and its so satisfying when it does.

Finally, Explosion and Self-Destruct allows me to consider several Pokemon often left in the dust. Golem for instance, is not a great Pokemon, but it importantly has Explosion and Sturdy, which when combined with a Choice Band makes for an interesting grenade! The sudo Explosion, Destiny Bond, is also quite cool, especially on the Prankster Mega-Banette.

Overall, I understand I will win few matches using this strategy. More important than winning; however, I will enjoy almost every battle.  Plus, it should be something different for my opponents to see. Who knows after doing this for a while I may switch to a more traditional team, but for the time being its time to ride the explosive fun that is a grenade team!

Are there any goofy, under whelming moves or themes which you particularly like? Have you ever looked at Metronome, and thought, hmm I could make that work? What are your thoughts on my team of Explosions?

Until next time!



Fledgling pokemon trainer. My favorite type is bug, hence my avatar of me cosplaying as a Bug Catcher at the Baltimore Otakon :)

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