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Beorn’s Splash: Venusaur

Beorn’s Splash: Venusaur

Greeting PUCL! Welcome to another exciting installment of Beorn’s Splash. This week I bring a discussion of my favorite starter Pokemon, Venusaur!


My love affair with Venusaur began when the original Pokemon Red and Blue became big. After weeks of saving, doing chores for my family on the weekends, and generally scrounging any source for money, I was able to buy a GameBoy Color and either Red or Blue version.

One of my first exposures to Pokemon came from kids in a local neighborhood. In this neighborhood, there was a kid who already had Pokemon and continually was giving me advice on it. According to him, if I wanted to use Charmander I should get Red Version, if I wanted to use Squirtle I should choose Blue. I of course asked what if I want to use Bulbasaur, to which he replied in a very serious tone, “You don’t use Bulbasaur.”

I was disappointed, because a little dinosaur seemed awesome, but I decided on Red version, chose Charmander, and got about two badges. I didn’t mind Charmander, but in my area pretty much every kid loved Charmander or Squirtle, no one liked Bulbasaur. Ever the hipster, I decided to restart with Bulbasaur and show everyone how cool the Grass Pokemon could be, and the rest is history.

This anecdote aside, Venusaur is one of my favorites because I loved and still love dinosaurs. In addition, I liked the idea that Venusaur wasn’t as upfront as the other two starters, it had status moves and tricks like Sleep Powder, which were super useful. Plus, it was pretty close to having my favorite color, pink, as it flower.

I got out of Pokemon after Silver and Gold, and didn’t get back in until college, when I bought my first DS and FireRed. I of course chose Bulbasaur, and that 100 level Venusaur has battled with me ever since, through FireRed, Platinum, HeartGold, Pokemon Y, and finally Omega Ruby :).

Well hopefully you have enjoyed my ramblings and musings on my favorite starter. What is your favorite starter and why? Did kids try to steer you away from any starters when first playing?