BREAKing Card: Base Set Reprinted! *Drops Mic*

BREAKing Card!

Welcome to another installment of BREAKing Card, where we analyze, critique and breakdown our favorite TCG news! The World Pokémon Championships are just around the corner and because of this news is a bit light this month; nevertheless there are still a few points to talk about! Steam Siege will be officially out on August 3rd so many of you are enjoying the prerelease tournaments this weekend, building decks with unfamiliar cards in an unfamiliar meta, it truly is a fun way to play. But I digress so let’s get to the reason that we’re all together here today, the Base Set gets reprinted!!!

Oh yes, I was “that” kid..

Known to us as XY12- Evolutions, it lands in America on November 2nd! It features classic cards from the original Base Set with their original artwork! Of course we are not talking about exact replicas as we all know it would never survive in today’s standards so expect attacks and HP to be altered. It’s very exciting to be able to collect these little monuments from our past once again. Also joining the original cast are a few new faces such as four new Pokémon BREAK and 12 new Pokémon EX cards. Among these you will find new prints of Mega Venusaur EX, Mega Blastoise EX and Mega Charizard EX cards. I can already find myself reminiscent the days when I would punch kids in the playground for that rare Charizard… What?

Name's a little on the head if you ask me...
Name’s a little on the head if you ask me…

In other news we now have the new theme deck lists for both “Gears of Fire” which features Volcanion and “Ring of Lightning” which instead features Hoopa Unbound. The first is made up of Fire and Metal Pokémon and includes two copies of Volcanion which we know is a great card but more importantly it also includes two copies of Ninja Boy who we all know to be  the real star of this set (alongside Pokémon Ranger). In the other corner we have the less interesting Hoopa Unbound with his crew of Psychic and Lightning Pokémon. If you are interested in competitive play I would recommend grabbing two ”Gears of Fire” theme decks to have a full play set of both Volcanion and Ninja Boy! Now if only they would do this and include two Shaymin EX. Hey, a man can dream…

Gears-of-Fire-Theme-Deck Gears-of-Fire-Theme-Deck-Back

Ring-of-Lightning-Theme-Deck Ring-of-Lightning-Theme-Deck-Back

and also Sun and Moon...
and also Sun and Moon…

Next on the list we have everyone’s favorite non-legendary legendary dog in the form of Arcanine BREAK!  Pokémon’s version of Clifford will have 160HP and one attack called Turbo Flame. For Fire and a Colorless you can deal 80 damage plus choose two Basic Energy cards from your discard pile and attached it to one of your Benched Pokémon. It’s basically a weaker version of Mega Manectric EX with less HP and more time needed to set up. It’s definitely not a great card but an interesting one. The art, of course, is fantastic with the golden Arcanine howling at its component. It is worth noting that the Stage 1 Arcanine for this BREAK will be the Basic Set’s reprint. A BREAK is as good as its Stage 1 so we should wait for the reveal of regular Arcanine before judgement although I would not hold my “Fire Breath”. I know, why does Fluffiest Whimsicott continue to let me pun you to death is beyond me.


Bad boy!
Bad boy!

That is it for the news! Let me know what you guys think in the comments below, are you excited that we’re going to get a reprint of the Base Set? What do you think about that Arcanine BREAK? Don’t miss our next episode of the PUCL TCGcast which will air the second Thursday of next month. Until then PUCLonians, star tune right here for all your Pokémon needs!

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