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Breaking Card: BREAKthrough’s Gallade

Breaking Card: BREAKthrough’s Gallade

Good things come in 2 Stages…

Welcome to another installment of Breaking Card where we analyze, critique and break down our favorite TCG. I hope you guys enjoyed the new Pokémon TCG Puclpodcast and were not sick and tired of hearing my voice. In continuation of that great, “bestest” episode of all time (not biased at all) I wanted to indulged you in the upcoming set in November, BREAKthrough. In particular, one Pokemon that brings all types of stratergies and power with it, one that is all manners of speed, damage and control. I am talking about the James Bond of Pocket Monsters, Gallade.


Gallade is an instant super star as soon as you see him. It’s HP of 150 is just outstanding, especially since it is a Stage 2 and not an EX. Its Weakness to Psychic is now less of a disadvantage since Mewtwo EX has been rotated out of the game, but its two Colorless Energy Retreat cost does not allow him the ability to easily escape danger. It’s Pokémon Ability, Premonition, allow you to look at the top 5 cards of your deck and put them back on top of your deck in any order. This is a fantastic consistency effect that helps you have control of your draws, and if you couple it with draw power cards such as Professor Sycamore or Shaymin EX you can make sure you draw exactly what you need when you need it. Miss Cleo has nothing on this gallant Pokémon.


Now once you see Gallade’s attack, you can’t help but smile. For two easy payments of one Colorless Energy (or one Double Colorless Energy), Sensing Blade deals 60 damage plus 70 more if you used a Supporter Cards on that turn. That’s 130 damage for just two Energies which is amazing for a Stage 2 Pokémon and can, by itself, make a serious dent to your opponent’s Active Pokémon. But the fun does not end there, because Gallade is Fighting Type it has an avalanche of support from trainer cards that you simply can’t ignore.

PTCG’s brawlers have so many options to up their damage, it hard not to love them. Strong Energy adds 20 damage to the Fighting Pokémon it’s attached to while Fighting Stadium add another 20 extra damage to all Fighting Types. Don’t forget that Muscle Band is a Tool that add another 20 damage, so when you take Gallade and attach two Strong Energies, a Muscle Band and have a Fighting Stadium then you are now dealing 210 damage for only two Energies. Yes, I know that this is the perfect scenario but considering that the World Championship was one by a deck that requires you to have your star card on your discard pile, the Supporter card needed to play it and the only card in your hand needs to be said Supporter, I say it is not do farfetched. And on that note… (Yay, segway!)

Another fantastic advantage Gallade has because of its typing is the Supporter card Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick. This card mirrors Archie’s Ace in the Hole which lets you, if it’s the only card on your hand, play any Pokémon (Basic or not) from your discard pile directly to the Bench and them draw 5 cards. This allows you to bypass the whole evolution line for it, making space on your deck for other more useful cards. Of course, like Archie’s, it requires a lot of planning, strategy and luck but the speed you acquire because of it (strong chances to be able to play it on turn one) is too great to pass up. In theory, you can have Gallade, with a Double Colorless Energy, a Muscle Band and a Fighting Stadium all in turn one. That, ladies and gents, is true elegance.

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BREAKthrough is very interesting set. On one side I am not interested in the “new” BREAK mechanic (more on that on my next article) but on the other hand I am excited for some of the exciting new cards and reprints included. Gallade is a sign that Stage 2 Pokémon can be just as powerful as EXs and although the evolution mechanic is still a drawback, there are ways to go around it. It’s too soon to say but things look great for the PTCG in the future, and Gallade is “BREAKing” our expectations on Stage 2 across the board!



+ Stage 2 powerhouse

+ Amazing support

+ Low Energy Cost

+ Fast, Strong and Sexy!